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Does Eric Bieniemy favor Sam Howell for QB1 or the field?

On the latest Trap or Dive Podcast, AJ, Dre, and Mual discuss with Grant Paulsen what Eric Bieniemy and the Washington Commanders approach should be at the quarterback position.

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At 11 a.m. est, Eric Bieniemy will formally introduce himself to the Washington players, fanbase, and media. After weeks of speculation on who will be Washington’s new offensive coordinator, the Commanders announced that they agreed on terms with Bieniemy last Friday.

In the days following, we have all learned how his energy, passion, and unwavering commitment to holding his players accountable have benefited several of the players he has coached. Some of which are future Hall of Famers.

For Washington, consider Bieniemy’s willingness to come aboard a significant victory.

A “win” is not to say that the players in Washington will easily accept his coaching style. It’s also not to say that his coaching strengths will translate to an elite offense. But, mainly because there is no Patrick Mahomes on the Commanders roster, there is a 99.9 percent chance there won’t be.

However, the presser may shine some light on what Bieniemy may be thinking about Sam Howell and the Commanders overall standing at the quarterback position. Howell, who is entering his second year as an NFL quarterback, is still on his rookie contract, has only thrown 19 passes on 66 plays. For Rivera and Bieniemy, though, would it be in their best interest to try and take advantage of Howell’s rookie contract and commit to developing him?

Grant Paulsen of 106.7 the Fan believes that Howell should be their number one route. “It is the most valuable thing you can have in sports and right now in the NFL,” Paulsen stated when discussing why Howell should be the favorite to start week one. “If you can win ten games with Howell next year, you’ve hit the lottery in a lot of ways. That idea of that fourth or fifth-round pick - and I know that it’s very rare and why I would bet against him being a franchise quarterback - if you could do that, on his salary, it is unbelievably valuable for the next three years. It is worth a shot.

What do you believe Bieniemy favors for QB 1? Howell or the field?

Listen to the latest Trap or Dive Podcast in full, where AJ, Dre, and myself discuss the Bieniemy hire and what it means for the Washington Commanders with Grant Paulsen of 106.7 the Fan.