All Rookie Team

What if you had the choice to pick every prospect in this upcoming draft to build your team around? To some GMs this would be a day dream, to others a nightmare!

QB: Bang for the buck, I’m going Young with the Levis upside at back up.

RB: All day hands down probably the best graded prospect Robinson

WR: Johnson, a big freak, Flowers, route runner/playmaker, Addison, my all around guy.

TE: I like Mayer, but he may have some holes, I have to roll with Mayer and then the upside of Kraft.

LT: Skoronski, I mean he has been amazing and will go fast. Paris is my back up of course. The other Ts are but if projects for Left.

RT: Mauch/Wright two of the harder nosed guys to open up lanes.

C: Schmitz, Tippan, a good draft for Cs imo. Good ones to pick from.

OG: Torrance/Avila are my starters with Vorhees and Patterson as back ups.


CB: Witherspoon/Gonzalez are my starters with Ringo and Ricks as depth.

S: Branch/Johnson are my starters and I think this is a very solid secondary right now. TAM S is a great athlete and vicious hitter, Branch is a ball hawk, I think lol. Hickman/Robinson back ups

LB: Simpson with Sanders as back up on run side. Henley/Overshown on pass side, Campbell/To’o To’o in middle, Sewell got strong consideration inside.

ED: Anderson/Wilson (Tyree) as starters, Murphy/Tuipulotu as back ups

DT: Carter/Kancey as my starters, very disruptive front on paper btw all around, I think again. Mazi/Bresee as back ups.

K Moody? Mich K no clue I’m out of league here lol

P Baringer? MSU once kicked a 74 yarder in band camp.

Would this team push for the playoffs or be picking at the top next year? Who would you have selected and why? LMK TY!