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Report: Another potential owner toured Washington Commanders headquarters today; Four bids have been submitted

Ownership news

NFL: Washington Redskins at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It has been a big day for the Washington Commanders. They agreed to terms with Eric Bieniemy, and he is joining the team as their Assistant HC/OC on a multiyear deal. It was reported earlier that Dan Snyder flew team president Jason Wright in from LA to meet with Bieniemy to help "seal the deal".

This sent off alarm bells for many in the Washington fan base. Snyder is in the process of selling the team, and seemed increasingly disinterested as his potential last season as owner went on. He missed games, and appeared to be checked out when he was spotted. Why is he personally involved, and why would he agree to a big hire like Eric Bieniemy if he won't be the owner soon?

The good news is that Darren Haynes, A.J. Perez (FOS), and John Keim have all said that the sale is still going on, but some have noted that Snyder could be looking to keep a small part of the team in his family.

Darren Haynes also dropped some more ownership news, and it's a good sign for those of us who want new ownership. Another potential owner toured the Washington Commanders facilities today. Haynes also reported that there have been four bids submitted to purchase the team. It was previously reported that there had been two bids submitted, one from 76ers owner Josh Harris, and another from a mystery bidder. It was also reported that the bids were lower than expected, and when final bids are submitted, could come in at under $6 billion.

If Haynes report is correct, then interest has picked up in the team as the first round of bidding draws to a close. We're still waiting to get some clarity on who the other bidders are, and speculation about Amazon founder Jeff Bezos's possible interest in the team will continue. Dan Snyder was reportedly looking for $7 billion, which seemed like an unattainable amount given the team was valued at $5.6 billion by Forbes. The Denver Broncos sold for an NFL record $4.65 billion last year.