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Film Session: Breaking down Terry McLaurin’s mixed day vs. Miami

A film session breaking down Terry McLaurin’s performance against the Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins v Washington Commanders Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

It has been a unique season for Washington receiver Terry McLaurin. He has been frustrated at various points throughout the season, more notable after matchups against the New York Giants on the road and a home game against the Miami Dolphins. McLaurin is coming off of a game where he posted three targets and zero receptions, something that, at this point of his career, you would have never expected to happen if he was on the field.

The discussion behind how this could happen requires nuance, and to start, the Miami Dolphins defense was disciplined throughout the day and had very few execution issues against Eric Bieniemy and his offense. When you look at what Washington was responsible for, there were, per usual, several layers that hindered McLaurin’s ability to contribute in the passing game. There is no telling in real-time how aware Bieniemy was that McLaurin had gone quarters without a catch, and, whether it’s right or wrong, may have been more focused on other priorities than getting one receiver going.

The execution was the bigger storyline out of the Dolphins game. While there were some issues with the receivers in their alignment and spacing, the offensive line and quarterback likely were the leading cause behind McLaurin’s frustration. Of his three targets, there was one true target where he had a chance to make a play on the football.

Check out the latest Trap or Dive Film session below, I break down six pass plays that highlight each of the issues that contributed to McLaurin’s second career zero-catch game against the Miami Dolphins.

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