Pre-End of Season Plan for the Offseason (LONG)

I, like many of you, have truly gone through the gambit of emotions this season with this team and I hate to admit how optimistic I was at the beginning of the season. I was at the opening game at FedEx against the Cardinals. I had not seen that stadium filled to the brim with our fans since RGIII's magical 2012 rookie year. But over the course of this season, this team has fully broken my heart at every turn. There have definitely been some positives to this season - Brian Robinson Jr. is officially our RB1 and has proven to be a three down back, Sam has shown he has the potential to be a Pro-Bowler at the least, and even KJ Henry has been taking advantage of his opportunities - but those positives do not outweigh the negatives stemming from inconsistent play form the offense, an atrocious offensive line, bad free agency signings, clock mis-management, and a defense that can't stop anyone.

It is beyond clear that Josh Harris and the ownership group is going to make their mark this upcoming offseason. Ron will not be the head coach that is for sure. We can talk about his failures here plenty, but it is worth acknowledging that he steered the ship through the rough end of the Snyder era. But that doesn't change Ron's fate - he will be out. I don't want to speculate about who becomes the GM and who becomes the HC. In this scenario that I am playing out I will be the GM (yay me) and operating with an abundance of cap space and draft picks. Let's say Harris does take a chance and gives Bienemy the keys to the car, giving him his first head coaching opportunity. EB will do the coaching hiring on that end.

Before the draft, there needs to be some offseason moves. I want to s/o Jonathan Eig from Riggos Rag for helping set the table for the roster in 2024 in this scenario. His article is about 18 players who will definitely be on the roster next year. They are as follows:

  • Sam Howell (QB)
  • Brian Robinson and Chris Rodriguez (RB)
  • Terry McLaurin and Jahan Dotson (WR)
  • Cole Turner and John Bates (TE)
  • Sam Cosmi and Ricky Stromberg (OL)
  • Daron Payne, KJ Henry, Andre Jones Jr., John Ridgeway (DL)
  • Jamin Davis (LB)
  • Emmanuel Forbes Jr., Quan Martin (CB)
  • Darrick Forrest, Percy Butler (DB)
  • None on special
I mostly agree with this list since there are a few notable absences. Before we get into free agency, the first action is to sign Kam Curl to a long term deal. He is the captain of the secondary and he is needed back there. He also has tremendous abilities to read offenses. Then I would keep Khaleke Hudson and Chris Paul most likely on the OL as well as Cornelius Lucas. Also notably, I would re-sign Curtis Samuel. The receiving room clearly works well together and when all three are on they are dangerous. Jeremy Reaves is also staying.

This leads me to the players we would not keep. The notable cuts to the team I would make are as follows:
  • Jonathan Allen - look this hurts, because I love Jon Allen and he has the ability to be one of the best DL in the country. He's also a locker room leader. Well at least he was. I don't know how the locker room feels about his comments to 106.7 recently where it is evidently clear he does not want to be here anymore and he does not want to go through a re-build. I would trade him to any team that gives the worthy draft compensation.
  • Charles Leno Jr. - this one is also not fun. He hasn't been horrible, I'd actually argue he is pretty average and steady. Plus, everyone loves Leno and he is clearly a leader as well. However, he is getting old, and he is declining on the field. If we are rebuilding, we can't keep Leno. I hope he one day becomes a coach.
  • Logan Thomas - Similar to Leno, Thomas has had flashes of great play and has been steady as a pass catcher. But the injuries will keep coming since he is up in age and he eats up a solid chunk of salary.
  • Antonio Gibson - will always remember that 2020 Thanksgiving performance against Dallas, but his time with the team is done. He doesn't fit into the long term plans and his turnover liability is still high.
  • Andrew Wylie - he seems like a nice guy, but he has been terrible all season. For someone that was supposed to anchor the right side, he is getting beat constantly. Bye bud, not on my team.
Those are the notable departures, but then here are the upcoming free agents we would not pursue on the team. Some of these are a long time coming, some are sad to see.
  • Jacoby Brissett
  • Cody Barton
  • David Bada
  • Tyler Larsen (even though he is a tank, he is getting too old)
  • David Mayo
  • James Smith-Williams
  • Byron Pringle
  • Jamison Crowder
Ok, now we have a building block to go off of. Free agency will see some big moves. With Allen, Thomas, and Leno gone, that means WAS will have over $100 million in cap space. In Free agency, I think addressing the O Line, the D Line, and the secondary will be key. For the D Line, we would be insane not to pursue Brian Burns (DE) from the Carolina Panthers - an absolute unit who will compliment Daron Payne's game really well. For the O Line, that is mainly going to be built through the draft but, the main signing I want to see is Connor Williams (C) from the Miami Dolphins - has some injury history but he is worth the price. Finally, the secondary, and I would take a big swing here and try and sign Budda Baker (FS) from the Arizona Cardinals. Come on, it's Budda, He clearly wants out of Arizona and would fit in great here. If not him, then I would make a swing for Jeff Okudah from the Detroit Lions since he is young, quick, and would be a bargain value.

Now, for the 2024 NFL draft. I don't have access to the mock draft simulator where you can trade players, but in this scenario, I traded Jon Allen and our R2 40th pick to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for their R2 pick (41st) as well as their R3, R6, and R7. Considering Allen is in his thirties and is having a bad year, this would be tremendous value. Later in the draft, I will give Chicago our R4 pick for their R4 plus their 2025 R4 and two 2025 R6 picks. If they want to move up, get the most out of them.

With that table set, here is the mock draft I created on the MockDraftDatabase.

R1: Joe Alt - OT, Notre Dame

R2: Bralen Trice - Edge, Washington

R2: Ja'Tavion Sanders - TE, Texas

R3: Barrett Carter - LB, Clemson

R3: Sedrick Van Pran - IOL, Georgia

R4: Braedon Allen - RB, Wisconsin

R4 Rod Moore - S, Michigan

R5: Shemar Turner - DL, Texas A&M

R6: Johnny Dixon - CB, Penn State

R6: J. Michael Sturdivant - WR, UCLA

R7: Graham Mertz - QB, Florida

R7: Josh Karty - K, Stanford

And there you have it, my thought out plan for the 2024 offseason and draft to hopefully help get us on the right track. Would love any thoughts or comments, but this is what I think this team needs to do start the Harris era.