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Daily Slop - 7 Dec 23: 2024 season ticket prices increase by an average of 8.9%

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NFL: OCT 05 Bears at Commanders Photo by Mark Goldman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

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Washington Post (paywall)

Commanders to increase season ticket prices for 2024

Half of the season tickets will increase by no more than 7 percent, and the lowest-priced seats — 10,000 in the upper level — will not increase in price at all. The team declined to share the highest increase for the remaining seats.

The team sent renewals to season ticket holders Wednesday afternoon, with a deadline of Jan. 19.

On average, ticket holders on annual plans will pay an extra $12.50 a month. Including premium seating, the average price will go up $15 a game.

The cost of parking at FedEx Field will not change.

The ticket price increase is the sixth this century for the franchise and the second in as many seasons.

Last year, for the first time in a decade, the Commanders increased ticket prices by an average of 4 percent after the team invested nearly $2 million in upgrades to its club level.

The case for Brian Robinson Jr. to make his first Pro Bowl

The Commanders haven’t run the ball as much as other teams this season — with four games left, they’re last in run percentage (33.45%) — but Robinson has made the most of his opportunities on the ground. Despite that number being significantly lower than in 2022, when Washington leaned on the run game to put it in playoff contention, he’s currently projected to surpass his rushing total of 797 yards. With four games remaining, he’s at 664 yards on 160 carries — tied for 12th most in the league.

Part of that increase in production has been his ability to hit more explosive plays, which Robinson highlighted as one of the areas he would like to improve upon. Robinson excelled at picking up short yardage that kept the chains moving in 2022, but he only had two runs go for over 20 yards.

True to his word, Robinson has gotten better at that in Year 2. He currently has five rushes of at least 20 yards, including a 29-yarder against the Miami Dolphins last week.

“It’s so much fun to play with him just because you know how bad he wants to win. I think we’ve all seen when he’s going it’s hard to stop him,” Howell said. “We got to continue to get him involved and continue to try to get him going in the running game. I think when we have all that stuff working, we’re hard to stop.”

Perhaps Robinson’s biggest area of growth has come as a pass-catcher, another area that he wanted to improve upon in training camp. There were moments in 2022 where he showed that part of his skill set, like his touchdown aginst the Atlanta Falcons in Week 12, but with just nine receptions for 60 yards, that was not nearly enough to get the full scope of what he could do.

“The biggest thing for me [is] I just don’t want to be one dimensional and I don’t want to be just a power back,” Robinson said in training camp. “I want to be able to run routes, run down the field, catch the ball with soft hands and continue to grow my game.”

Riggo’s Rag

What pleasant surprises have emerged from an otherwise underwhelming 2023 season for the Washington Commanders at their 2023 bye week?

K.J. Henry’s recent emergence

The positives are few and far between where the Washington Commanders are concerned right now. Slim pickings would be the best way to describe trying to find pleasant surprises for this particular article, but the recent emergence of rookie edge rusher K.J. Henry falls ever so slightly into this category.

Henry waited patiently for his chance earlier in the season as the Commanders brought him along gradually. The fifth-round selection was thrust into more responsibilities after Washington traded Chase Young and Montez Sweat before the deadline, which is a challenge he’s relished.

The former Clemson star has 1.5 sacks and is making his presence felt against the run. Henry looks like someone who should be part of the team’s plans under a new coaching regime. This is the biggest compliment one could give him after minimal involvement over the first half of 2023.

Commanders Wire

How many Commanders will compete hard these last four games?

Class of 2023 defensive ends Andre Jones and K.J. Henry need to show out these last four games. If, for example, they don’t produce, then you might see Washington draft or sign a veteran free agent edge who they see as a starter next season.

There are several players whose contracts expire after this season. Thus, they are going to be free agents. These guys are playing for contracts. Some are playing to remain in the NFL next season, whether they realize it now or not. How much more motivation do you need?

What about Sam Howell?

Howell has started all 13 games this season. Yet he has taken snaps in only 14 NFL games. In his last three games, Howell has offered up an interception for a touchdown in each game.

In the last four games (all losses), Howell has been sacked 3, 4, 4 and 3 times. He has been sacked 58 times this season, and four games still remain. Four games that we don’t want to see get ugly. We don’t want to risk Sam Howell getting injured having to throw too much, as well.

Four weeks ago, Sam Howell was the guy the Commanders were going to build around in 2024. Now, with the four consecutive losses, the Commanders have moved all the way up to the 4th overall draft position for the 2024 NFL draft.

Consequently, this brings quarterback into the list of possible draft selections with that 4th overall selection.

Burgundy & Gold Report

Notre Dame LT Joe Alt is a Technician | Commanders NFL Draft

Notre Dame left tackle Joe Alt is one of the most refined prospects in this entire draft and will be in high demand.

Joe Alt

  • 6’8” 322 lbs | OT | ND
  • Draft Proj Early Rd 1

In 2021 Alt lined up at tight and along the offensive line, playing in 13 games (started 8 games). Alt helped the Irish offensive to a season-high 293 yards rushing vs North Carolina (10/30) and started in the 2022 Playstation Fiesta Bowl vs Oklahoma State.

Alt finished the season allowing 3 sacks after being thrust into the starting left tackle slot.

The following season the Notre Dame tackle started 12 games at left tackle (897 snaps) and only surrendered 3 QB hurries, 2 QB hits and allowed zero sacks. During his sophomore season Alt looked unstoppable at times and was named the First Team All-American by the AP, Pro Football Focus, CBS Sports among others.

“He’s a pro” offensive coordinator Gerarrd Park said. “He is the epitome of the word pro the way he approaches his work on a daily basis and leads the right way with his intangibles.”

Alt is a Lombardi Award Finalist and is inline for multiple other accolades this season. Although Alt is yet to declare for the NFL, it’s the worst keep secret in college football that the Notre Dame tackle will declare for the 2024 NFL Draft.


Alt built an impressive resume in a short career while at Notre Dame. His accolades as a scholar athlete shouldn't be understated and his decision making as a cerebral athlete is evident from his tape.

Just like any college prospect there is room for improvement. As mentioned, Alt needs to find the fire within and become more of a mauler to excel as an overall blocker on the next level.

Regardless, the Irish left tackle will impress scouts during offseason workouts and will inevitably be a top 10 selection in the 2024 NFL Draft.

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Barstool Sports

Congratulations To David Carr, Becomes Biggest Dumbass In The Media For Suggesting The Eagles Start Marcus Mariota Over Jalen Hurts

I get it. I really do.

For the majority of the year, nobody even remembers that David Carr even exists. Any time you bring up his name, everybody’s initial reaction is, “oh my god, I totally forgot about David Carr”. The rock musical “Rent” taught us that there are 525,600 minutes in a year. It’ll probably take you 4 minutes to read this blog, meaning that you’ll forget David Carr exists for 525,596 minutes this year. So this dick bag has to go out there and say some outlandish nonsense just to stir up a reaction and get people to acknowledge him. It’s a sad life, but that’s what life turns into when you are historically one of the worst #1 draft picks that the game of football has ever seen.

The Philadelphia Eagles are 10-2. They have the best record in football, despite the shellacking they took from San Francisco this past weekend. Jalen Hurts is in the top 5 best odds to win the NFL MVP this year. He was the NFL MVP runner-up last season after leading the Eagles to another Super Bowl appearance.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a bait take to just get engagement or not, anybody who even jokingly suggests that Marcus Mariota should start for the Eagles over Jalen Hurts shouldn’t be allowed to get paid US legal tender to talk about sports. The United States government should be able to tax David Carr’s entire salary after some nonsense like that, and they should force David Carr to donate his brain to science.

Jalen Hurts isn’t 100% healthy at the moment. I get that. But it’s week 14 of the NFL season. Nobody is fully healthy. I’ll take a 12.73% Jalen Hurts over a 100% healthy Marcus Mariota any day of the week, and especially on this upcoming Sunday against Dallas. So congratulations to David Carr. Somehow he’s managed to have an even more embarrassing career talking about football professionally than he did playing it.

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