Quarterly Thoughts: Week 11-14 (On the road to tanking)

Record: 0-4 (4-9 overall)

Welp, each game went from close to bad, to worse. The past four games, ended up with a fat egg in the win column. Whether new management or Rivera’s choice, DC Jack Del Rio was shown the door. And it wasn’t a surprise given the inconsistent performance of the defense from year to year, in-spite of the defense given either a 1st/2nd round player every draft. Additionally, most of the biggest contracts given in Rivera’s tenure were to defense. Given the poor performance over the past quarter of games, it has become all but certain the entire team will need to be overhauled. Not just new players but a new scheme entirely.

But that can also be applied to the offense where they have been stale all but SEA. The offense is stale, the defense is stale. It is all stale. The past four games not only showed how poor the team talent-wise but also how they are coached. Outside of seeing Howell’s, Robinson’s, Dotson’s and Henry’s progression, I’m looking forward to the last snap of week 18 for the Harris ownership to tear down the last remnants of Snyder’s hiring and start anew. As Jonathan Allen said, everyone is playing for their jobs. We’ll see if the players and coaches play with some fire in the last quarter of the season knowing they are auditioning for the WSH as well as 31 other teams.

If there is one positive from the poor month of games, it is their improved positioning for an elite-level offensive prospect in the upcoming NFL Draft. And given the next slate of games (LAR, NYJ, SF, DAL), Washington will likely remain in #4-10 range. Any higher than #4 overall and the new Washington front office are going to have some tough yet welcoming problems to discuss. The first pick of new ownership could be spent on a second tier 1st-round QB (Daniels/Penix Jr.), receiver (Harrison Jr./Bowers), or an elite pass blocker (Fashanu/Alt). At this point, there isn’t a wrong approach thanks to the surplus of Day 2 selections which may get bigger depending on moves made in the season. Where Washington is standing at the moment, they will be in position to add elite talent to a unit that lacks it.

If there are any solace Washington fans can take is that after this season the franchise will clean the slate and start anew. But for now, fans will have to trudge through the next four games, hoping to see the young talent blossom.

Next 4 game prediction: 1-3 (Overall record: 5-12)