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Grading The Game – Washington Commanders vs. Miami Dolphins

For the second straight game, the Commanders surrendered 45 points in a humiliating loss at FedEx Field

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Washington Commanders Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

In late September, fans of the Burgundy and Gold were excited with the latest victory and a 2-0 record. Talk of making a deep playoff run was encapsulating the DMV in a state of euphoria and an exciting level of fandom that hadn’t been seen in more than a decade. Eleven games later, the season has morphed into one of disaster and despair for those same fans. Following Sunday’s 45-15 loss to the Miami Dolphins, talk of wanting to tank for draft picks is now embraced and welcomed. We’ll hand out grades, provide analysis, check the PFF ratings, and bring you a prediction for the December 17 game against the Rams. Let’s take a look at the latest mess.


After last week, yours truly was a bit charitable to the offense, but now it is time to take the gloves off and be brutally honest.


Sam Howell had his worst game of the season and he had little to no help from the offensive line, tight ends, and receivers. However, this doesn’t excuse his poor performance.


12-23 for 127 yards, 4 rushes for 21 yards and 2 TDs, 1 INT (pick six), PFF rating 71.5, QBR 50.5

Assessment: D-

Running Backs

The running backs were the best unit (offense and defense) for the Commanders on Sunday.


Brian Robinson – 7 carries for 53 yards, PFF rating 67.9

Antonio Gibson – 10 carries for 35 yards, 4 catches for 37 yards, PFF rating 61.9

Chris Rodriquez – 7 carries for 29 yards, PFF rating 66.8

Assessment: C+

Tight Ends

The stats will do the talking here.


Logan Thomas – 0 catches for 0 yards, 1 target, PFF rating 62.4

Cole Turner – 1 catch for 2 yards, 1 target, PFF rating 58.7

John Bates – 0 catches for 0 yards, 1 target, PFF rating 58.3

Assessment: F

Wide Receivers

There is one stat that stands out above all others. It was not a good day for the receivers, but Curtis Samuel continues to give it his all.


Samuel – 4 catches for 65 yards, 5 targets, PFF rating 66.5

Jahan Dotson – 2 catches for 23 yards, 5 targets, PFF rating 68.2

Terry McLaurin – 0 catches for 0 yards, 3 targets, PFF rating 52.0

Assessment: F

Offensive Line

They provided some good blocking at times in the rushing game, but pass pro was excruciating to watch.

Stats (PFF Ratings):

Sam Cosmi - 63.0 (Run), 88.4 (Pass)

Andrew Wylie - 58.6 (Run), 70.2 (Pass)

Tyler Larsen - 58.5 (Run), 58.4 (Pass)

Charles Leno - 53.4 (Run), 55.8 (Pass)

Chris Paul - 39.7 (Run), 23.5 (Pass)

Assessment: F


The defense quit during the second half for a second straight week. It is safe to assume that the defense will basically quit for the rest of the season and that is clear for any fan to see. The grades today reflect that reality.

Defensive Line

Once again, the stats tell the story.


Jonathan Allen – 1 tackle, PFF rating 43.4

Daron Payne – 3 tackles, PFF rating 47.1

KJ Henry – 2 tackles, PFF rating 55.8

Casey Toohill – 1 tackle, PFF rating 39.8

Assessment: F


The efforts from Cody Barton and Jamin Davis were decent, especially Davis. However, that is not saying much as the rest of the defense was all but tanking for most of the game.


Barton – 11 tackles, PFF rating 62.6

Jamin Davis – 8 tackles, 1 pass defensed, PFF rating 62.5

Khaleke Hudson – 4 tackles, PFF rating 41.2

Assessment: C-


Quan Martin trying to cover Tyreek Hill in man coverage was criminal. You can see the frustration on Kamren Curl’s face throughout the game. Percy Butler is trying, but he is simply better for depth purposes and is not a starter.


Curl – 4 tackles, PFF rating 52.0

Butler – 5 tackles, 1 pass defensed, PFF rating 72.2

Martin – 7 tackles, PFF rating 26.9

Assessment: F


Kendall Fuller has been struggling in recent games. Benjamin St-Juste is a bust and penalty-magnet. Danny Johnson is a practice squad player.


Kendall Fuller – 6 tackles, PFF rating 70.0

Benjamin St-Juste – 2 tackles, PFF rating 54.7

Danny Johnson – No stats, PFF rating 49.0

Assessment: F

Special Teams

Camaron Cheeseman should be released during the bye week – his snaps are horrible. Tress Way had another solid game.


Joey Slye – 0-1 FGA, 1-1 XPs

Tress Way – 5 punts, 42.8-yard average, long of 51 yards, 2 inside the 20-yard line

Assessment: C


The schemes on either side of ball are not working. Firing the defensive coordinator and secondary coach a week earlier had no positive effect. Commanders coaches haven’t lost the locker room, but the players and coaching staff are basically apathetic at this juncture of the 2023 season.

Assessment: F

Week 15 Prediction

There are very few positives to talk about after the Dolphins game, but the bye week is here and it gives the Washington Commanders a much-needed break. The team will travel to Los Angeles to play the Rams on December 17. Look for the losing streak to continue (currently at four games).

Rams 28, Commanders 24

Soon, we’ll have a mock draft that will place an emphasis on analytics. Enjoy the week off from Washington football. We’ve earned it. See you as we go along.