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Washington Commanders Vs. Miami Dolphins - Studs and Duds

Another week, another painfully embarrassing loss by this Ron Rivera-led team. If you thought things couldn’t get much worse with this football team, they jump right up and bit you with more antics to make the 1976 Bucs look semi-respectable.

This season has been a complete dumpster fire, and many saw this coming from miles away with how this “staff” treated the offseason. Now, here are your results. I hope we have no more Rivera defenders in this fan-base. I think the Bieniemy ones are slowing leaving too.

Oh, and I nearly forgot to mention - we had another stadium gaffe at the end of the game... unless that was really Magic Johnson pulling the master fire alarm.

Anyways, below are my Studs and Duds of the game, followed by some notes.


Jamin Davis - I had to pick at least one stud, and Davis was a guy who flashed a few times this game...and honestly stunk just a bit less than the rest.

Tress Way - For handling all these Cheeseman bad snaps.


The ENTIRE Offensive Line - What a complete disaster this unit is. Whoever they are playing that particular week “conveniently” has their best game of the season against these human turnstiles. Remind me who constructed this mess, as they should be fired.

Terry McLaurin - Zero catches. For your number one, who is getting paid handsomely, this is unacceptable. Where does the blame go? Bieniemy for not scheming to get him the football? Howell for not looking his way enough? Terry for not getting separation?

Cody Barton - He’s just not very good. I don’t know what else to say. He was one of the worst free agent signings (right up there with WJ3, Wylie, Gates, Norwell and Turner) this staff has made.

Daron Payne/Jon Allen - For all the money we are paying these two, they are not preforming.

Quan Martin - The afternoon started off with Quan Martin getting burnt deep by Tyreek Hill (but who doesn’t), and the poor afternoon continued with missed tackles.

Cameron Cheeseman - The man has one job to do...and he can’t even do that!

Eric Bieniemy - I said when the rumors were floating around about Bieniemy possibly coming to DC that it would be career suicide to do so under Ron Rivera and this current dumpster-fire. Now you see why... Or maybe, just maybe, Bieniemy isn’t that good.

Ron Rivera - For constructing this mess!


-Brian Robinson has had his moments, but there are also times where he just misses the hole.

-Benjamin St-Juste has to be one of the most penalized corners in the league. He just can’t play the game without committing a penalty - and this is a problem.

-He didn’t play a good game, but Sam Howell is one tough dude.

-KJ Henry has flashed some good potential. He still has a lot to work on, but there is definitely something to work with here.

-Logan Thomas has disappeared again. I wanted him gone in the offseason, but some told me he’s still a very good TE and would thrive in Bieniemy’s offense.

-A COMPLETE rebuild is NEEDED!