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The Washington Commanders are down 13-10 to the San Francisco 49ers at halftime

Down by 3 at the half

San Francisco 49ers v Washington Commanders Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images

The Washington Commanders came into today’s game as 14-point underdogs, but they’re only trailing the San Francisco 49ers 13-10 at halftime. The Niners got out to a 10-0 lead, but Washington started their comeback in the 2nd quarter, scoring their first field goal.

The Washington Commanders were down 10-3, and needed a touchdown to catch up to the visiting San Francisco 49ers. Brian Robinson and Terry McLaurin played a big part in making that happen. QB Sam Howell threw his best pass in weeks, hitting Terry McLaurin for a 42-yard completion. Brian Robinson got a few carries to get the ball to the three yard line. Two plays later, Howell hit Terry McLaurin with a pass only he was catching, and they scored Washingtons first touchdown of the day.

The 49ers were able to drive down and kick a field goal before the half ended. San Francisco has a 13-10 lead, but Washington gets the ball to start the 3rd quarter.

1st Quarter

Coin toss:

Jonathan Allen vs Christian McCaffrey:

Khaleke Hudson almost INT:

49ers FG:

Redzone defense:

Three and out:

David Mayo vs Christian McCaffrey:

Brock Purdy —-> Brandon Aiyuk:

Third down defense:

Deebo Samuel TD:

Brian Robinson:

Nick Gates:

2nd Quarter

Tariq Castro-Fields injury:

Sam Howell sack:

Commanders FG:

Christian Holmes sighting:

Sam Howell —-> Terry McLaurin:

Terry McLaurin TD:

Running game:

49ers FG: