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The Washington Commanders lose to the Miami Dolphins 45-15

Another blowout loss

Miami Dolphins v Washington Commanders Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The Washington Commanders were down 31-7 to start the 2nd half, and they allowed the Miami Dolphins to score again on their opening drive. Washington needed a score, and they got one from another Sam Howell run. The Commanders drove the ball 75 yards with some big plays from Antonio Gibson with Brian Robinson sidelined with a hamstring injury. Sam Howell gets his second score on the ground, but the team will need a lot more to close the 23-point deficit. Logan Thomas caught the pass after the touchdown run to complete the two-point conversion.

Washington was down 38-15, and didn’t score again, but Miami did after running the clock down. Jacoby Brissett got his first action of the season, replacing Sam Howell for the final drive of the game. The Washington Commanders drop to 4-9 for the season, and will enter their Week 14 bye with a lot of questions to answer.

3rd Quarter

Brian Robinson:

De’Von Achane TD:

Sam Howell —-> Antonio Gibson:

Sam Howell —-> Logan Thomas 2 pt conversion:

Percy Butler:

Chris Rodriguez run:

4th Quarter

Cole Turner sighting:

High snap, missed FG:

John Ridgeway injury:

Mike White in at QB:

De’Von Achane TD #2:

Jacoby Brissett in at QB: