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Washington Commanders Vs. New York Jets - Studs and Duds

Syndication: The Record Kevin R. Wexler / USA TODAY NETWORK

This was one of the worst starts I’ve seen by a Washington football team in quite some time. All three phases of the game looked absolutely rotten, and by the time the team started clicking, as usual, it was too little too late.

The Christmas Eve game really epitomized the season for the Commanders. Playing against a bad offense, the team made as many mistakes as humanly possible to hand the Jets the game. It was quite clear to see this team has quit on Ron Rivera - which is very fitting for a group HE assembled.

Well, on to the Studs and Duds - followed by some notes...


Kendall Fuller - Fuller seems to be one of the few on this team who hasn’t flat-out quit on the coaches. He continues to play some good football, even though those around him are blowing coverages, missing tackles and allowing easy completions. I hope a new general manager sees the talent and effort and re-signs him in the offseason.

Chris Rodriguez - Despite getting just 10 carries, CRod made the most of them rushing for 58 yards and two touchdowns. His vision looks to be the best of the running back room, and he runs like the devil himself is chasing him.

James Smith-Williams - The front four was generating VERY little pressure on Siemian all game, but Smith-Williams, who just returned to the lineup, was the exception. He notched three tackles, one for a loss and had four pressures on the afternoon. I know the bar here is set pretty low, but JSW did look the part.

Khaleke Hudson - Hudson continues to show he’s the best of this rag-tag group of linebackers Rivera has assembled. For the second straight week he led the team in tackles with 15 while chipping in two passes defended. Why he didn’t play more earlier in the season is a mystery to us all.

Greg Zuerlein - THANK YOU!


Sam Howell - For the second game in a row, Sam Howell stunk. His reads were poor, his pocket presence was lacking, and he was not accurate with the balls that left his hand. His league-leading 17 interceptions stand out like a sore thumb.

John Bates - Bates had two drops in the game; one that would have been an easy touchdown. He may not have been a high draft pick, but he’ll go down as another wasted Ron Rivera selection for this team.

Nick Gates - Yet another HORRIBLE free agent signing in the long list of Ron Rivera acquisitions. Gates is a human turnstile and makes all of those around him worse. His protection calls are horrible, his help is slow and his anchor is non-existent.

Andrew Wylie - Each game, he just has head-scratching moments. We all knew he struggled with speed and power off the edge in Kansas City. For Bieniemy to expect him to handle the edge one-on-one is gross neglect.

Cody Barton - He may stuff the stat sheet, but he’s SURELY not stuffing ball carriers at or near the line of scrimmage. He’s a pile-jumper and most of his tackles are 7-8 yards deep into the secondary (if we are lucky). HORRIBLE free agent signing by Rivera and company!

Benjamin St-Juste - St-Juste continues to be a walking penalty in coverage. He just can’t seem to keep his hands off the opposing receiver - even when he’s in good position. The sad thing is, he has all the PHYSICAL attributes you look for in an outside corner.

The Commanders Coaching Staff - It’s clear this staff CLEARLY was not prepared for their Christmas Eve matchup in New Jersey. All three phases of the game were again poor, and the team has clearly quit on Rivera.


- Jacoby Brissett CLEARLY looks like the better QB in the last two games. Howell is shook and it wouldn’t surprise me if this “staff” has ruined him.

- For how bad St-Juste is, it says a lot that Emmanuel Forbes can’t even get on the field!

- Cornelius Lucas is a better left tackle than Charles Leno!!!!!...and that’s not saying much.

- Saahdiq Charles may be out of the NFL within two years.