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It’s the last day on the job for Ken Meringolo here at Hogs Haven. Stop by and say hello—and goodbye—tonight on our anchor podcast, “Thank God It’s Tuesday!”


Thank God it’s Tuesday! That guy in the picture above standing between two legendary Hogs and the bust of a Hall of Fame Hog continues to both love this team and loves being part of this fanbase.

Tonight is my last official night here at Hogs Haven, and I wanted to say thank you to the legions of fellow Redskins/Football Team/Commanders fans out there who helped me (and Kevin Ewoldt) build this place into the destination site it is today. As many of you know, I passed along my editor-in-chief duties a year or so ago, but have stuck around in a minor role here on Tuesdays. It has been an absolute honor to lead the discussion here, and be led by all of you year-round in our love for this team. Truly ours will be a unique satisfaction when this thing is properly turned around.

That is what “The Year 1 AD” is all about...the ground floor of a Snyder-Free era. It was never going to be easy, but staying together is something we have always done well, and our reward is surely on the some point. Hahaha...

We are going live tonight as we do each and every Tuesday, but tonight we will be doing so for the last time on the pages of Hogs Haven. If you can, please stop by and say hello—never goodbye.

You can stay in touch on Twitter (X?) with my @ItsRainingKen handle, and on Instagram @1stAmendmentSports. I’ll cover it all on the air tonight.

In addition to that, tonight is our FESTIVUS show...which of course includes the airing of grievances, and I am sure we all have a few we can share after the first 14 games of this season.

Tonight, on Thank God It’s Tuesday, the official Commanders show of 1st Amendment Sports (and Hogs Haven one last time), we find ourselves 4-10 in the 2023 campaign. We will continue to talk draft prospects, GM prospects, roster/culture building and of course...EUGENE SHEN! We will be calling tonight’s Mary Jo White Fan Club meeting to order around 9 PM EST.

Thanks to folks like you, we have one of the best comment boards anywhere, so please join in the conversation, and help us separate what is real from what isn’t:

Hit the board on the show link and help us get this one done on tonight’s episode of Thank God It’s Tuesday.

We’re live (around 9 PM EST)...join us and SUBSCRIBE FOR FREE!