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Washington Commanders Roster Moves: Camaron Cheeseman has finally been released

The Cheese is cut

Washington Commanders v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

The writing was on the wall in training camp, but Ron Rivera continued to support the long snapper he had traded in the draft for two years ago. Camaron Cheeseman has been awful for most of the year, and Rivera has continued to ignore the problem, until it became a problem. Yesterday’s snaps put punter Tress Way in harms way, and sidelined him briefly after the play.

This was not Cheeseman’s first punt to bounce to the holder/punter, and it was by far the most impactful. Cheeseman acknowledged after yesterday’s loss that he would have be replaced a long time ago in other places. Rivera continued to protect his guy, and it has cost the team extra points, field goals, and almost their MVP.

Washington hosted five long snappers after Week 2, but Cheeseman wasn't replaced at that time. Tucker Addington, Bradley Robinson, and Rex Sunahara are still free agents and will likely be invited to tryout again for the open roster spot.