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Washington Commanders Vs. LA Rams - Studs and Duds

NFL: Washington Commanders at Los Angeles Rams Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Another weekend, another embarrassing loss by this Ron Rivera-led squad. The same problems persist that plagued this team from the start of the season. Blown coverage and defensive miscommunication, an anemic offense and special teams gaffes. These are all signs of a poorly-coached football team, and there is not a person out there right now who would try and argue that the Commanders are a disciplined, well-coached team.

The clock is ticking on Rivera’s tenure as head coach and final decision maker of this football team, and that day will go right up there with the day Bruce Allen was relieved of his duties.

Below are my Studs and Duds of the game, followed by some notes.


Jacoby Brissett - Jacoby came in cold off the bench and heated up Washington’s anemic offense. He looked poised and in control. Brissett threw some nice deep balls and made it a point to target Terry McLaurin.

He was a super-efficient 8-10 for 124 yards and two touchdowns.

Terry McLaurin - It was very clear that Bieniemy’s game plan against the Rams was to get the ball into the hands of McLaurin. It wasn’t always easy, especially with Howell in the game, but Brissett sure made good use of Terry’s skillset.

For the game, he hauled in six receptions for 141 yards and an outstanding leaping touchdown. He could have had a second one but was marked down just short.

Daron Payne - Payne was a pain in the a$$ for the Rams offensive line Sunday, rushing from the one, three and even seven techniques. It looked like someone had lit a fire under him and he had reverted back to the Daron Payne of 2022.

He collected three tackles, two for a loss, two sacks and 4 total pressures for the game.

Quan Martin - It looked as though Martin would be an outcast in Del Rio’s defense, but ever since the dinosaur was fired, Martin has miraculously started playing better. It’s my opinion that Del Rio put too much stuff on the rookie’s plate, where Ron is content letting him just go out and make plays.

Martin had 10 tackles, a sack, and a quarterback hit on the afternoon.

Khaleke Hudson - It’s a shame that it took this long, and injury to starters, for Hudson to see the field. Not only is Khaleke a better athlete than Mayo and Barton, but he seems to come with ferocity and lay the lumber when he arrives.

Hudson led the team with 14 total tackles, one for a loss and some BIG BOY hits!


Camaron Cheeseman - It’s just unbelievable to think how bad Cheeseman really is at his one and only job. The only thing that is worse is that Ron TRADED UP to draft him!

Sam Howell - Howell looks as though he has regressed from earlier in the season with his decision making. I think Bieniemy has drilled getting the ball out of his hands so quickly, that sometimes he panics and throws to receivers who are covered or tries to force the ball into zones that are full of defenders. However, I don’t blame this all on Howell. This offensive line is doing him zero favors, and I think that has him shell-shocked.

Percy Butler - This experiment needs to end and end quickly. Not only is Butler a MAJOR liability in coverage, but he’s a terrible tackler too. There has to be SOMEONE on the practice squad who can show better discipline and effort. Alas, that would be Ron admitting to yet another draft mistake...

Benjamine St-Juste - He’ll make a few good plays to give fans hope, but he’s consistently out of position in coverage and when he is in good position, he tends to get TOO grabby. To top things off, he shows very poor tackling skills.

Phidarien Mathis - It looks as though Mathis doesn’t even belong in the NFL - he’s THAT bad. He makes ZERO impact and shows no pass-rush moves besides his bull-rush. It may be safe to say he was another wasted second round pick.


-How much money are we paying Logan Thomas for his lack of production? I said to cut him in the offseason and got some serious push-back for that...

-Antonio Gibson needs to work on his pass protection. He missed some key blocks against the Rams.

-Jahan Dotson’s disappearing act made another appearance Sunday afternoon. His sophomore season looks to be one to forget.

-Kendall Fuller continues to be our best cornerback and is making a case to be re-signed in the offseason.

-Who is worse between Saahdiq Charles and Chris Paul? a toss-up...?

-CRod needs to be given more carries. He runs hard and appears to have the best vision of the running back group.

-It’s amazing to think the O-line looked better when Leno went out and Lucas came in at left tackle.