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Ron Rivera Presser: Sam Howell is still the starting QB, he was pulled to protect him

Ron Rivera and Sam Howell speak to the media after another loss

Washington Commanders v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

Ron Rivera spoke to the media after today’s 28-20 loss to the Los Angeles Rams. Sam Howell was benched, and replaced by backup Jacoby Brissett. He was able to lead the offense on two scoring drives, getting Washington within a score of tying the game. Rivera said that he made the decision to switch QBs, and he did it to protect Sam Howell from the Rams pass rush. Brissett moved the offense, and made two big-time throws to Terry McLaurin.

Ron Rivera

Sam Howell:

Camaron Cheeseman’s bad snaps:

Offensive line injuries:

Sam Howell

Getting pulled from the game:

Benjamin St-Juste

Cooper Kupp's TD:

Khaleke Hudson

Ron Rivera's post-game message:

Camaron Cheeseman

Job security: