Where are you Studs and Duds.. vs New England, Novenber 5, 2023

OK I admit it. It's morning after game day and I"ve been up for hours waiting for your Post Game review.

I got up 3 hours earlier than usual today. Since then, I've been remembering so many Pro's and some significant Con's, that I can understand if it takes you longer today. A so wrong call by the Official, that robbed KJ Henry, to name one.

Here to the end, it should be fun. I think we turned a corner this past week. A big corner as an overall team. It won't be easy from, well here to the end.

We've had our ups and downs you and I, but your still one of my most entertaining writers, for good or bad.

I'm waiting... :<)

We have our Quarterback!

Bellicheck is Toast, so is you know who, in spite of yesterday's game... I think.