Firing Jack Del Rio is the Best of Both Worlds

Fresh off the latest embarrassment against Dallas, frustration peaked among the fan base. It seems to do that a lot in Washington, but this was the first test for a new ownership group. What needed to be done was clear, the when not-so-much. Perception is important, but realities can't be ignored; you have to get the timing right, and timing is all about weighting your variables.

No one wants to think of the former owner, worst I've ever seen or heard of in any professional sport. The man seemed to actively resent everything he didn't want to do and would not be denied anything he wanted, regardless of logic or propriety, like any child king. Few doubt there would have been firings by now, were he in charge. I suppose that would be true in a vacuum, but sidesteps why Ron Rivera was here in the first place.

Rivera is here because of that owner's history of willful interference and organizational instability. Maybe he would have fired Rivera. Maybe not. Who knows how toxic the situation here may have been without an ownership change and what that owner may have had to swallow? All this to say, I don't take it as a given Rivera would have been fired by now.

I would have been fine with firing Rivera. A petulant, lame duck coach isn't leading anyone anywhere and I don't see a reason to let sour culture spread further. But what if there was hope for him? I didn't imagine a world where Jack Del Rio was fired while keeping Ron Rivera. Regardless of where the move originated, with Rivera or with ownership, this is the right place to be.

Ownership keeps their white hat.

Josh Harris talked about giving Ron the season and now he's clear to do just that. There will be no fever dream squalling in the media (or the comments) about how this is a move previous ownership would have made. Any whisper of that is happily buried beneath the absolute mess coming out of Carolina.

Ron Rivera is reinvigorated.

This is now a man auditioning for the next phase in his career and that energy passes down to the players. Instead of playing for pride on a sinking ship, this is about finding ways to thrive and establish fresh bonafides going into an uncertain offseason.

Ownership projects stability and competence. The coaches and players can turn the page on our present difficulties and aim at a brighter future. THIS is the present the team needs; the best of both worlds.