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BREAKING: The Washington Commanders have fired DC Jack Del Rio

Too little, too late

Washington Commanders v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Statement from ownership:

Official announcement from Ron Rivera:

The Washington Commanders are 4-8 and were blown out on a nationally-televised Thanksgiving game by the Dallas Cowboys 45-10. Changes have been needed in Washington for a while, but new owner Josh Harris has been evaluating the entire organization since taking over in late July. Rivera is almost certainly gone after the season, but Del Rio gets the axe today after yesterday’s performance, and a loss to the Tommy DeVito-led Giants 5 days ago.

The Commanders have also fired DBs coach Brent Vieselmeyer who was brought in by Del Rio when he was hired in 2020. Vieselmeyer took over for Chris Harris, who was being considered for DC jobs elsewhere. Ron Rivera will be taking over playcalling duties on the defense. This gives Rivera five more games to finish out his time in Washington, and set up the next regime for the future with higher draft picks next year.