First mock (tank watch) 1.0 (way too early)

The Ron pay the DL the entirety of our cap while skimping on OL, TE, LB, FS, DB, and really just about everything else as puzzling move after puzzling move has finally boiled over to expose those deep seeded pock scars that glow when his sweaters don’t fit. The man has been called "dead man walking", well if you get technical about it, aren’t we all? Ron has failed and it because with the number two overall selection that garnered us a 96 overall comp pick. Yay!!! Hey Ron what’s it take to win in this league? Quarterback ? Well you might want to have someone blocking for the guy no? Ron has the matched IQ of our former owner who infamously said to some thieves who disguise themselves as state reps, "we’ve finally got ourselves a QB." Sure Danny, sail on!

If felt so strongly about a QB, why did he sign the only caveman in history to attend Harvard. Fitzmagichip! Yeah, slip and slide king! We then brought in Alex Smith and his peg leg. He’s shipping off to Boston!!! This was a sensation. A press dream. That worked for one minute, but yet somehow with the likes of the butt fumble (sounds messy), some other guys who I can’t remember, we somehow won the division!!!! At a less than .500 record and Ron ate it up!!!! He cut Danny’s sons fan boy crush (a bit early?), we know that tragic end (kind of?). Ron found his groove when he kept his top vaulted defense off the field. Because the reality was, he flubbed the 2nd overall pick, he flubbed the Jamin pick, he flubbed the Josh pick, and guess what???? It’s not looking good Forbes. Ron had total control, he flaunted it, he sound bit it, he relished the feeling, the buzz, and he was power drunk. Well Ron, welcome to the hangover!!!! This roster has a few parts. Let us begin

Sam Howell, deserves a shot. He may not be it.

Terry Mac, ultimate teammate. Strong player, down year.

Daron Payne, DT, ok, kind of good, a bit expensive.

Jon Allen, DT, guess his foot is bothering him, down year.

Tress Way, P. It’s sad when your P is one of your best players.

B Rob, I think he isn’t special, but he’s got a skill set.

Gibs, dangerous player if someone for the love of God would figure out how to use this guy!!!!

Some safeties and various DBs who could rise, a few OL prospects splashed in, a couple of long shot edges. So yeah….we need it all!!!!

Draft Plan: seal edges on both sides, find possible solutions for middle of defense, a DB, everything. Look for specific guys that suite needs or could be useful to add to what we have. First round high pick thinking LT. The top two are my target. If they are gone I have other Ts I’ve highlighted. These are early projections so please forgive PFN free mock draft.

Aaaaaannnnnd, like 90% of the time, Alt is gone, PSU T is gone. Bama RT on the board. ATL trying to move up for Harrison, offering a 8/45. Robbery. It’s done. They actually moved up for Bowers. What??? No way! Pitts!!! But that PFN AI for ya!!! I’m not excited about Latham. I do have a particular DB in mind here after a trade back. Colts 15/49 for Wentz I mean the 8. Had a flashback there scary!!! Now I just gotta hope!!!!

15. Cooper Desean, CB, Iowa, 6-1, 209, run support do it all DB. I know he’s not a LT. Bear with me. My hope he’s everything Forbes isn’t.

37. Princely Umanmilen, 6-4, 250, great bend, good length, needs work on pas rush refinement, talent is there. Hopefully one edge sealed.

Graham Barton, T , 6-6, 315, scrappy athletic enough, position flex, 3 seasons at LT. Productive.

45. Landon Jackson, ED, 6-7, 281, lacks true bend but has the ability to be disruptive. Has a bit of coverage ability. Good length athletic profile.

Trade 49/167 to Dallas for 57/91

Trade to AZ 57 for 66/86.

66. Jordan Morgan, T, 6-4, 311, athletic T with medical ACL flag.

86. Jaylon Ford, LB, 6-3, 240, plays like a S, yes please.

91. Ja’Tavion Sanders, TE, 6-3, 235, a big WR but at TE. Mismatch.

96. Calen Bullock, S, 6-2, 186, isn’t versed in man but has the ability. Solid across the board a FS prospect!!!

103. Bucky Irving, RB, 5-10, 194, speed kills, lightning to go with our thunderous backfield.

135. Jonny Wilson, 6-6, 237, talented WR with size/speed combo to develop into a number one.

Last pick, Satova Laumea, T/G, better run mauler, has tech issues but can be refined. pipeline OL

11 picks. Now me doing the reading I have done, I’d be absolutely thrilled with this haul. One T one ED sticks great. ILB is what I think even better. Add in a possible shut down do it all DB. With the possibilities of the talent picked up. Could be a glorious haul!!!!

What would you do different and how would you feel about this draft? I don’t have Matt’s draft bot. He won’t sell it to me. Lol.