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The Washington Commanders are blown out by the Dallas Cowboys 45-10 on Thanksgiving

Change is in the air

Washington Commanders v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

The Washington Commanders got blown out by the Dallas Cowboys 45-10 on Thanksgiving. This nationally televised games put a lot of eyes on Washington and their coaching staff. There were reports before the game that new Commanders owner Josh Harris planned to give Head Coach Ron Rivera the entire season, and they would evaluate everyone after the season. But blowout losses like this can force some changes. Washington has 10 days until the return home to host the Miami Dolphins, and there could be some changes by then.

3rd Quarter

No pass rush:

Daron Payne run defense:

Dak Prescott misses deep:

Brian Robinson:

Sam Houdini:

Timeout before 3rd and 1:

3rd and 4th down fails:

No flag:

Cody Barton vs the screen:

3rd and 1:

Sam Howell misses Curtis Samuel:

3rd and 11:

Sam Howell helmet-to helmet-hit:

Cowboys FG:

4th and 1:

CeeDee Lamb TD and 2-point conversion:

Curtis Samuel 100 yard day:

Jacoby Brissett:

Another Cowboys TD:

Cole Turner deflected catch:

Sam Howell throws a pick-6: