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Eric Bieniemy is noticing the growth in chemistry within his offense

In Eric Bieniemy’s weekly presser, Bieniemy took notice of the growth in his offense off-the field, and its resembling a unit who is establishing legitimate chemistry with one another.

Washington Commanders v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Tom Hauck/Getty Images

In his most insightful press conference to date, Eric Bieniemy gave the public plenty to react to concerning the growth of Sam Howell and his offensive players overall. Bieniemy is starting to recognize that his players are taking the necessary steps behind the scenes to grow from a chemistry standpoint, communicating about game-day situations and making sure they are on the same page come Sunday.

“I’m seeing these guys hanging together in the locker room talking about all the little things that can take place on game day,” Bieniemy said during Thursday’s weekly press conference. “When guys are coaching each other and talking about different things, that’s when you know that you’re coming together as a unit. The chemistry is developing, and it’s translating onto the field.” Beineimy has understood for some time now what it takes to win and has done a good job refraining from overselling the unit he is responsible for. However, his offense, which has a first-year starting quarterback, a first-time full-time play-caller, and an average-caliber offensive line, continues to climb statistically in its production.

It remains to be seen what Bieniem’s offense is fully capable of, Dallas is on the horizon, and so are the Miami Dolphins, New York Jets, and San Francisco 49ers. Obviously, we cannot forget the New York Giants who, despite their poor performances throughout the season, gave the Commanders hell just a couple of weeks ago. With what Bieniemy has instilled in his unit, and their growing chemistry, Bieniemy’s value to this offense will be on full display over the next stretch of games.

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