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Washington Commanders Vs. Seattle Seahawks - Studs and Duds

NFL: Washington Commanders at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Washington played a Seattle team in a tough road-game environment late Sunday afternoon and hung tough throughout the contest. Seattle was coming off a blowout loss and had many questions that needed to be answered. Washington had previously beaten a very poor Patriots team on the road and was looking to crawl back to .500. I’m not sure either team found what they were looking for, but the Seahawks put themselves squarely in the playoff hunt while the Commanders showed that they are not at that level.

This game featured some great plays by both teams and some head-scratching calls from the officiating crew. Ultimately, the game came down to Del Rio’s defense against Geno Smith and DK Metcalf and as you can imagine, the latter prevailed.

Below are my Studs and Duds of the game, followed by some Notes and DREAMS of Olu Fashanu...


Sam Howell - He’s the REAL DEAL! Build around this young man!

Sam completed 66% of his passes for 312 yards and three touchdowns. Yes, he lost a fumble, but man, even that was impressive for his toughness on that run. He’s young and he’ll eventually learn to just go down in time, but some of these attributes you just can’t teach. I was extremely impressed with how calm he looked on the late drive in the fourth quarter to lead Washington down the field and tie the game.

Brian Robinson - Robinson was a beast today racking up 157 total yards and a touchdown. He showed good hands and great RAC in the open field.

Jamin Davis - Davis played a pretty darn good game. He racked up 11 total tackles, two of those for a loss, and defended a pass.

Tress Way - For handling all these TERRIBLE snaps by Cheeseman.


Benjamin St-Juste - We all know St-Juste is very grabby. We all know St-Juste often doesn’t get his head around when he's covering his man. We also know that St-Juste can be easily beaten...and we saw just that when the game was on the line with :50 seconds left to play.

Jahan Dotson - After two great games, Dotson went back to dropping the ball and being the invisible man Sunday.

Camaron Cheeseman - I’ve seen enough of the bad snaps (he had two in this game).

Ron Rivera - His poor clock management and improper use of timeouts is embarrassing.

Jack “I Refuse to Blitz” Del Rio - His bend-but-don’t-break defense certainly broke with under a minute to play in the game. Off-coverage against Metcalf with the game on the line, with EVERYONE in the stadium knowing the ball was going his way, was inexcusable. Jack is so damn stuck in his ways - he still believes his front four can win vs. five offensive linemen.

  • Jack “My Defense is Vanilla as the Preseason” Del Rio
  • Jack “My Bend-But-Don’t-Break Defense is Broken” Del Rio
  • Jack “I Prefer Position Flex to Guys Who are Actually Good at What They Do” Del Rio
  • Jack “I Was a Former Linebacker Yet Don’t Value the Position” Del Rio


- This offensive line was not perfect, but they have gotten a bit better since taking both Gates and Charles out of the lineup. Still, we had some bad pressures by Larsen, Cosmi and Paul.

- Antonio Gibson, after now being used properly by Eric Bieniemy, is carving out a nice niche in this offense. He had five receptions for 42 yards and a touchdown and was excellent in pass protection. He also added 133 kickoff return yards.

- Dyami Brown showed some really nice RAC in his touchdown grab late in the game from a dart thrown by Howell.

- The missed tackles by Percy Butler are becoming a big problem!

- The ejection of Emmanuel Forbes early in the game was unnecessary. I understand the penalty, but NFL Headquarters took that one way too far. It was a bang-bang play and I didn’t see anything deserving of an ejection.

- Fire these two dinosaurs we have at HC and DC. Hire a REAL General Manager and draft THIS MAN!