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T-shirt: Trust the Process for the Washington Commanders

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Josh Harris leads an ownership group that bought the Washington Commanders in July, and he’s made his move to start the process of reshaping the team. Montez Sweat and Chase Young were traded at the NFL’s trade deadline, a combination of moves that shocked some people, but excited others who were looking for a change to Washington’s team-building approach. There will be a lot more changes to the franchise after this season, or sooner. Are you going to trust the process?

Harris, of course, was involved in the process — as any owner would be. But his style also represents change for Washington, which was used to a more frenetic decision-making process under previous owner Daniel Snyder, multiple sources said.

In this situation, Harris tasked the front office with collecting information — in the form of offers. General manager Martin Mayhew and assistant general manager Marty Hurney solicited offers on multiple players, then involved Rivera. The group then took those offers to Harris, who quizzed them about the potential deals. He wanted to understand the process, why they might want to keep a particular player, or why, say, a third-round pick for Young represented good value. Then they’d make a collective decision. Sometimes they rejected a deal — like a sixth-round offer by one team for quarterback Brissett, according to sources.

It’s the same way he has operated with the other pro sports teams he owns, including the 76ers and the New Jersey Devils.

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