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NFL Trade News: The Washington Commanders now have 9 picks in the 2024 draft

More picks for the new regime

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Washington Commanders Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Commanders made two trades today, and picked up two picks for Day 2 of next year’s draft. The Bears traded their second round pick next year for DE Montez Sweat. Chicago has a 2-6 record(one win courtesy of Washington), and would hold the 3rd overall pick if the season ended today. That would mean the Commanders would be getting the 37th overall pick for Montez Sweat. It’s possible Chicago’s fortunes could turn around with the addition of Sweat and return of QB Justin Fields, but it’s looking very likely that they will be bottom 10 team. Washington will be rooting for a Bears loss every week.

Washington kept taking calls for their other starting DE Chase Young, despite not getting offers that met their reported asking price of a 3rd round pick. He was linked to a few teams, but the San Francisco 49ers came through with an offer of one of their 3rd round compensatory picks next year. They were one of the best team’s in the league, but have lost three in a row, and are looking to improve their team for another Super Bowl run.

Washington had their original seven draft picks for next year going into today, but now will go into the offseason with nine. Five of those picks will likely be in the top 100, giving whoever Josh Harris hires a great start. Washington is also projected to have over $90 million in cap space which could make them very active in free agency next year, but they also have several pending free agents that could be re-signed before the new league year. Ron Rivera said some extensions they wanted to do, couldn’t get done because of the late ownership change. Those restrictions won’t apply to the next GM.

Washington Commanders 2024 NFL Draft picks*

Round 1(#11)

Round 2(#37 from CHI)

Round 2 (#42)

Round 3 (#73)

Round 3 (#100 from SF)

Round 4 (#108)

Round 5 (#143)

Round 6 (#188)

Round 7 (#229)

(*Projected via Tankathon)