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Washington Commanders Trade Rumors: A team wants to trade for Montez Sweat and give him a new contract before the deadline

Montez Sweat could have played his last game as a Commander today

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Commanders Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Montez Sweat is set to be a free agent next year, but at least one team wants to trade for him and lock him into a new, long-term contract. Matt Lombardo is reporting that a team had made an offer to the Washington Commanders, and they aren’t interested in a 9 game rental. The mystery team is looking to get a new deal signed with Sweat, likely paying him as one of the top edge rushers in the league.

Talks have advanced significantly further with Montez Sweat. It has gotten to the point that a team made an offer to the Commanders, and if they can get a long-term deal negotiated ahead of time, there’s a good chance that trade goes down well before the deadline.

There have already been reports that the Atlanta Falcons made an offer for Sweat, but Washington is looking for more than the 3rd round pick that’s on the table. The Commanders are reportedly looking for at least a 2nd round pick for Sweat and Chase Young. If either player leaves in free agency next year, Washington could receive a late-round 3rd round pick in 2025, but that would depend on their other free agency moves.

Washington was reportedly waiting to see how today’s game against the Eagles went, before making any moves. Today’s loss likely sealed Ron Rivera’s fate in Washington. Will he still have decision-making power for long-term decisions like trading Sweat, Young, or even Jacoby Brissett? New owner Josh Harris could step in if he sees an opportunity to improve the team’s long-term prospects for whoever he brings in to run the organization.