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Jack Del Rio and Eric Bieniemy talk about the Giants loss and this week’s rematch with the Eagles

Washington’s coordinators talk to the media before practice

NFL: Washington Commanders Rookie Minicamp Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Jack Del Rio

Eagles offense:

It starts up front. They’ve got a really strong, talented offensive line, well coached. They do a lot of things well. That’s kind of where it all starts, upfront in the trenches. That’s what allows them to run it, throw it, do all the things they do. That’s where it begins. Over the last couple years, they add A.J. Brown, they go out and they get the running back. You’re talking about special players. They’ve done a really good job putting together playmakers around Jalen and Jalen’s gotten better and better. They’re a very good offense.

Cody Barton injury:

I mean you know what we have to do. What do we say next man up? That’s what it has to be, right? For us Dave is the guy. He stepped in last week, played pretty solid for us. They’re a little different in what they bring, but Dave is the guy that’ll play a little bit more.

Trade deadline:

No. Not a word about it really. Everything’s about the Eagles. Everything’s about staying together, playing hard, competing every day, improving. We’re 3-4, we’re right in the middle of a pack of teams that are hunting for a wild card position at this point. Even though the division is not out of the question, but we’re going to have to start winning a hell of a lot more than we have. The bottom line is one week at a time in this business. The NFL is, just look around the number of stories and then the next week how it changes. It’s a week-to-week league. We’ve just got to get ourselves ready to go compete.


Kendall Fuller:

I think he’s just been really solid. He’s a consummate pro. He studies, he works hard. We’re trying to play to his strengths, and he’s had a good start to the year.

Emmanuel Forbes:

Eagles Tush Push:

Phidarian Mathis:

Yeah, I’m all for it. Coach is going to make that call. We’ll see how it works with the rest of the roster and those decisions that have to be made. We’re excited to have him back at practice, back working. He’s a big strong man and we’d love to be able to use him.

Why DE Efe Obada was inactive last week:

Just overall health. A little banged up inside, felt like having a true tackle up was a better option.

Montez Sweat

Trade deadline:

Chase Young

Trade deadline:

Eric Bieniemy

Everyone needs to improve:

Making adjustments:

Sam Howell:

You know what, my assessment is always the same. Sam is in the process where he’s having an opportunity to start on a weekly basis. We [are] evaluating everything that he’s doing, still seeing him making some improvements, certain things he’s not improving upon, but we’re going to keep assessing everything as we continue moving forward.

Offensive line changes:

Well, first of all, like I said, I got to do a better job. Our coaching staff got to do a better job of making sure that our guys are mentally and physically prepared. Each and every week, we’re always evaluating what we need to do. So, that’s basically where we are.

Chris Rodriguez:

You know what, and I don’t want to sound like a broken tape recorder, but first of all, Chris is a young up-and-coming kid who’s actually a good football player but we’re evaluating just to see exactly what he can and cannot do. Each and every week we just want to continue to see who can do what as we continue throughout this process.

Are in-game adjustments a full-coaching decision or a discussion with Howell?:

It is some of both. You’re always discussing because first and foremost, he needs to feel comfortable. If he’s not comfortable, it ain’t worth us doing it, but that’s just a part of the process that we do each and every week. I want to make sure there’s an open line of communication, but on top of that, making sure that both of us are evaluating everything and not just doing what I feel is best or what he feels is best, but what is best for us as a unit, and that includes the entire coaching staff as well.

Creating the first 15 scripted plays:

I mean, it starts Monday when you’re putting a game plan together. You just want to make sure that you’re putting the proper plan and basically giving your guys the best opportunity to go out there and play fast and start fast. Obviously, as a coaching staff, myself, I got to do a much better job of making sure that we’re ready mentally and physically to get out and go do what we need to do in order to have success.

Not running much early on in games:

We’re just turning over every stone and we’re going to keep evaluating and keep building and keep making sure that we’re doing everything under the sun to give us the success that we need.

Ricky Stromberg:

I thought Ricky did a heck of a job. It’s always fun to see your young guys get in there. Like I said, you always want to have the opportunity to evaluate your young guys and evaluate your talent and see exactly where we are and keep it moving from there.

Offense on the same page?:

I think all of our guys are on the same page. I’ll just say this, from where we started that game to where we finished, that just goes to show you exactly the page that they’re on. Because one thing I do know about these guys, they’re going to fight. The results may or not have come out the way we expected them to, but when it’s all said and done with, these guys are close knit, they’re very good friends. On top of that, it’s important to them, if it’s important to them, I know we have a chance.