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Ron Rivera and Sam Howell talk about too many sacks, changes to the offensive line, the Eagles, and more

Ron Rivera and Sam Howell talk to the media

Washington Commanders v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kara Durrette/Getty Images

Ron Rivera

Offensive line:

We’re looking at a lot of things right now and things that we want to do as far as going forward with the oensive line. There’s a lot of things that we’re talking about and discussing and looking at.

Tyler Larsen:

One game at a time:

I think the biggest thing more than anything else is that we’ve got 10 games left, I think the biggest thing more than anything else is we’ve got to focus in on taking them one at a MNtime. I mean, that’s the truth of the matter, is that the opportunities in front of us, there’s nobody in the NFC that’s really running away with any of the later spots in the playffs. So, if we take them one at a time and see what happens, there’s a lot of good things that can happen, but we’re going to focus one at a time and get ready for Philadelphia.

What he senses from the team going into Week 8:

I think it’s in a good place just because of the fact that we’ve put ourselves in position. We’ve had a couple opportunities to win some games that, unfortunately, we didn’t get it done. This is one of the teams coming up, Philadelphia, a game that we had a good opportunity in. So, trying to rally on that and I think that’s something that the guys are focusing on, that’s the opportunity.

Mid-season changes:

Why the Philadelphia Eagles’ ‘Tush Push’ is effective:

Well, I think it’s basically the technique they use more so than anything else. The big advantage they get is they crowd the ball, but they know the snap, and that’s one of the things that you’ve got to be able to do. You’ve got to get underneath their leverage, you’ve got to stop their leverage and then you’ve also got to stop the quarterback who’s a tremendous athlete, very strong legged guy. You’ve got to be able to stop him from going up over the top as well.

Sam Howell’s demeanor:

Well, it’s the same thing you guys see. I mean, he’s the same guy, he shows up, does his work, works really hard. He’s very enthusiastic about his job, he loves playing the game. He hasn’t changed one bit. I mean, he’s learning and growing and he’s having fun at it. Obviously, if you ask him he’ll tell you just what you said, it’s not fun being sacked 40 times, but, you know, he’s doing what he can.

Sam Howell

Slow start:

Too many sacks:

Terry McLaurin:

Eagles defense:



Run/Pass ratio:

Offensive line:

Terry McLaurin

Morale is high:

Logan Thomas

10 games left:

Charles Leno

Too many sacks:

Jonathan Allen

We're all frustrated:

A lot of season left:

Casey Toohill

Long season: