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Grading The Game – Washington Commanders vs. New York Giants

With a chance to move further into the playoff hunt, the Commanders leave their fans seething with anger

Syndication: The Record Chris Pedota, / USA TODAY NETWORK

Following a road victory over the Atlanta Falcons, the Commanders were looking to continue their winning ways against the Giants. Washington was favored by a field goal, but the outcome was a pre-Halloween nightmare. Scoring less than ten points in this game is not what the coaches and players expected. If a movie was made about the first seven games of the season, it would be named, “Pretty and Ugly”. The 14-7 loss on Sunday was pretty ugly. Today, we will grade the game and provide the weekly PFF scores.


The Commanders were very fortunate to score seven points in this game. After a muffed punt, Washington started the drive on New York’s 21-yard line and scored a few plays later. That was your offensive scoring on Sunday. Nothing more, nothing less. Let’s look at the horrible details.


Is this staff setting Sam Howell up for failure? Obviously not directly. The coaches need to do whatever is needed to make Howell’s job achievable. In the current environment, that is not possible.

Stats: 22-42 for 249 yards, 2 rushes for 15 yards, 1 INT, PFF rating 44.7, QBR 60.5

Assessment: F

Running Backs

The numbers are horrible. The production is horrible. The play-calling is horrible. Put the three together and it is horrible.

Stats: Chris Rodriguez – 7 carries for 31 yards, PFF rating 65.3

Brian Robinson – 10 carries for 23 yards, 1 TD, PFF rating 57.2

Antonio Gibson – 2 carries for 7 yards, PFF rating 66.0

Assessment: F

Tight Ends

The only stat line came from Logan Thomas for the second straight week. His numbers are decent. There is your positive comment for today.

Stats: Thomas – 4 catches for 51 yards, 6 targets, PFF rating 66.6

Assessment: C

Wide Receivers

Terry McLaurin played with a lot of heart against the Giants, but his fellow wide receivers struggled.

Stats: McLaurin – 6 catches for 90 yards, 9 targets, PFF rating 71.5

Jahan Dotson – 5 catches for 43 yards, 8 targets, PFF rating 54.4

Curtis Samuel – 4 catches for 25 yards, 8 targets, PFF rating 58.5

Assessment: D+

Offensive Line

Hopefully, the False Start Society of Washington will become an organization of the past starting now. This particular unit hasn’t played a dominant game since President Washington retired to Mount Vernon.

Stats: Charles Leno – PFF rating 62.8

Nick Gates – PFF rating 52.9

Andrew Wylie – PFF rating 65.8

Sam Cosmi – PFF rating 55.6

Saahdiq Charles – PFF rating 58.2

Assessment: F


It would be easy to lump the efforts of the defense with the failures of the offense in this game, but that would be a mistake. The defense was shaky at times, but had a decent game. The offense did them no favors, but this unit was not the reason for the loss Sunday afternoon.

Defensive Line

Yes, they could’ve played better against the Giants. However, the defensive line was improved over recent games and Chase Young is returning to his dominant self.

Stats: Young – 3 tackles, 2 sacks, PFF rating 90.0

Montez Sweat – 7 tackles, 1 sack, PFF rating 78.7

Daron Payne – 4 tackles, PFF rating 55.3

Jonathan Allen – 3 tackles, PFF rating 72.9

Assessment: B-


Cody Barton left the game with a high-ankle sprain. Khaleke Hudson had his first NFL sack. Jamin Davis took a step back from the previous week. David Mayo is slower than molasses in January.

Stats: Davis – 7 tackles, PFF rating 82.8

Mayo – 9 tackles, PFF rating 50.8

Hudson – 2 tackles, 1 sack, 38.1

Assessment: D


Quan Martin was solid, but had little playing time. Percy Butler continues to struggle.

Stats: Kamren Curl – 3 tackles, PFF rating 68.2

Percy Butler – 3 tackles, PFF rating 53.4

Martin – 2 tackles, 1 pass defensed, PFF rating 90.2

Assessment: D


This unit had a solid day, but Benjamin St-Juste gave up a couple of untimely plays. Emmanuel Forbes was on the field for five plays and had no alarming mistakes.

Stats: Kendall Fuller – 3 tackles, PFF rating 64.9

St-Juste – 5 tackles, 4 passes defensed, PFF rating 81.7

Danny Johnson – 2 tackles, PFF rating 66.2

Forbes – PFF rating 63.4

Assessment: C+

Special Teams

The blocked field goal attempt was clearly a product of poor offensive line protection. Tress Way returned to his Pro Bowl form, but he was on the field for too many punts.

Stats: Joey Slye – 0-1 FGA, 1-1 XPs

Tress Way – 10 punts, 51.3 yard average, long of 58 yards, 4 inside the 20, 1 touchback

Dyami Brown – 1 muffed punt recovered

Assessment: B-


The coaches are clearly to blame for this game. The game plan was a dud. The team started the game poorly once again. The offense is poorly coached. The players are not happy. A million Magic Johnson to James Worthy assists can’t save the coaches now. A full-court press is needed and a call to Larry Bird could happen.

Week 8 Prediction

This is a game that the Commanders could actually win. It’s what they do and that is frustrating for fans. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Yours truly is tempted, but the internet hack makes his choice.

Eagles 37, Commanders 13

The trade deadline is next Tuesday at 4pm EDT. Will there be any trades? See you as we go along.