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Ron Rivera Presser: Sam Howell will definitely be a QB next year, but I won’t give you a number at this point

Ron Rivera speaks to the media after today’s win over the Cowboys

Ron Rivera

Sam Howell:

QB1 next year?:

Quarterback play:

Last week’s energy vs this week’s:

Evaluating the coaches:

Khaleke Hudson:

Pick 6:

Not laying down for the last game:

Future for the team:

Sam Howell

1st TD ball:

1st NFL/TD pass:

Taylor Heinicke

The future:

Terry McLaurin

Sam Howell:

Sam Howell’s 1st TD ball:

Jahan Dotson

Final game:

Logan Thomas

Taylor Heinicke:

Something to build on:

Daron Payne

The future:

Jeremy Reaves

Final game: