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Washington Commanders hold a 13-6 lead over the Dallas Cowboys

This is something

Dallas Cowboys v Washington Commanders Photo by Jess Rapfogel/Getty Images

The Washington Commanders were not supposed to stand a chance in this game. They spent most of the week ruling players out or placing them on IR. They are starting a rookie QB, who is being protecting by a rookie guard that has only been active once this year, and never played a snap. Well, that’s not how this game is going, at least not in the first half.

Washington is up 13-6 going into the 2nd half, and the Dallas Cowboys have been a mess. Turnovers have been a huge problem, and it all started on special teams. Punter Bryan Anger dropped the snap giving Washington great field position, Sam Howell took full advantage of that and hit Terry McLaurin for a touchdown on his first NFL pass. Dallas also muffed a punt, but Washington couldn’t take advantage of that one after Joey Slye shanked a short FG. Slye also missed an extra point, and a 52-yard field goal later in the half.

Dak Prescott through two passes back-to-back to Kendall Fuller. He caught the second one to take it in for a Pick 6. Dallas came back on the final drive of the half to score a touchdown with 10 seconds left on the clock. Luckily no one can kick at FedEx Field today, and Brett Maher missed the extra point. Washington will get the ball back to start the 2nd half.

1st Quarter

Coin toss:

Chase Young vs Ezekiel Elliott:


Cowboys punter drops the ball:


Sack Prescott:

McLaurin 3rd down drop:

Cowboys muff the punt:

Micah Parsons injury?:

Joey Slye shanks it:

Under pressure:


Sam Howell scramble:

Carlos Watkins injury:

Big run by Jaret Patterson:

2nd Quarter

Sam Howell INT in the end zone:

Dak Prescott loves throwing the ball to Kendall Fuller:

Pick 6!:

Slye misses the XP:

Sam Howell —-> Jahan Dotson:

Howell scramble:

Slye misses another FG:

John Ridgeway injury:

Dallas punting again:

Howell scramble:

Rookie QB:

Missed sack:

Cowboys touchdown:

Missed XP: