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Daily Slop: Washington Commanders Media Links Roundup

A daily collection of Commanders articles from around the web

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NFL: Cleveland Browns at Washington Commanders Photo by Katherine Frey/The Washington Post via Getty Images
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Commanders’ collapse — and another lost season — shows major changes are needed

SNIDER: Snyder’s sale talks may force Rivera’s retention

Translation – Commanders coach Ron Rivera is going nowhere. Oh, offensive coordinator Scott Turner and defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio and assistants are iffy to stay, but Snyder shouldn’t dismiss an entire staff pending a sale that is anything but certain.

Rivera says Commanders have to ‘solidify’ quarterback. Should he get another chance to do so?

Ron Rivera has no regrets starting Carson Wentz, mum on Sam Howell, as QB search resumes

“That’s the one position we’ve gotta solidify going forward more so than anything else,” Rivera said.

LOVERRO: Wentz fiasco, Browns loss should seal Rivera’s fate

Daniel Snyder calls England his usual residence in recent filing - The Washington Post
The Washington Commanders owner and his wife, Tanya, made a declaration in a British document 19 days after announcing they are considering offers to sell the team.

NFL suspends Bengals-Bills game, Damar Hamlin hospitalized after on-field collapse - The Washington Post
Monday night's game was postponed by the NFL after the Bills safety collapsed on the field during the first quarter.

Ron Rivera bet on the wrong quarterback: Carson Wentz - The Washington Post
In choosing Carson Wentz, Rivera bet on himself, that his offseason gamble would come back and reap the rewards of a postseason berth. And that decision failed.

Commanders possible sale complicates offseason plans - The Washington Post
Ron Rivera weathered an ownership change once already in his coaching career. He may have to do it again if the Snyders sell this offseason.

Should Ron Rivera be Fired After 3 Straight Losing Seasons in Washington? (21-27-1)