Let's stop the QB Carousel - Don't sign a veteran

I've recently seen a lot of posts on this forum of people who have been calling for the Commanders to either trade for a veteran on the market or trade up to draft a QB in the draft next year. I get it, I'm not unsympathetic, but we should not be doing that whatsoever.

The free agent market for QBs is, quite frankly, not good and we have already seen what happens when we take a big swing on a QB in the offseason (see Wentz, Carson in list of all time Washington trade flops up there next to Albert Haynesworth) and the only big names that could be available - Tom Brady, Aaron Rogers, Lamar Jackson - are not going to come to Washington. Why would Brady or Rogers come here when they are trying to chase one more ring and why would Jackson come here if he is still looking for his first ring. We've got talent on this team, no question about it, playoff caliber talent in my opinion. But this team is not winning a Super Bowl next year. I get that it's nice to think about trading for Lamar, but we would be giving up more than we'd be getting back.

Now on drafting a QB. Aside from four names in the upcoming draft, most of these QBs are not worth drafting. It's all pretty much guaranteed that Bryce Young and C.J. Stroud are going to be drafted within the first five picks and Will Levis is probably going to be a top 10 because of that raw talent. The only QB that might fall to pick 16 is Anthony Richardson but I don't think he's going to drop that far and even if he did, QB is not our biggest need.

My take is pretty straightforward - give Sam Howell the starting job next season and build up the O-Line and defensive depth this offseason and draft. If Sam plays well, we've got a QB for the meantime and someone who can develop. I know one rookie performance is not a lot to evaluate, but I was at the game and I could feel an excitement in the air when he dropped back to pass that this club has not seen since RGIII.

Now I hear some people going "But he's only a fifth round pick!" And? Brock Purdy was the last pick and he's about to play in the NFC championship. And if you would argue Purdy is playing well because the 49ers are truly just that good of a team, then shouldn't the Commanders do the same thing? sign and draft an O-Line and cut the deadweight from that crew and we put Sam in a position to grow and play with superstar caliber receivers. We draft either a top tier tackle or guard with our first pick (this 2023 class is rich with O-Line talent) and get some defensive depth and Washington has the potential to truly compete for the division.

And for my older Washington fans, don't forget that all three of our Super Bowl winning QBs were not first round picks or even second round picks - Joe Theismann was a 4th round pick, Doug Williams was a backup the majority of that 87 season, and Mark Rypien was a 6th round pick. And what did all three of those QBs have that made them better? One of the greatest, if not THE greatest, offensive line in NFL history.

In conclusion, no more veteran QBs unless we're signing Taylor, and let's give Sam a chance. And if Sam doesn't meet the moment, then the Commanders will have no shortage of QBs to choose from in a deep 2024 draft class that will be stacked with talented play callers. What will truly determine the season we will have offensively is who replaces Scott Turner, not signing Derek Carr and hope he somehow plays well.