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Commanders Vs. Browns - Studs and Duds

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Washington Commanders Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

I’ve said for weeks this team is not a playoff team. Sure, they may have done a good job pulling the wool over our eyes for a few weeks there in the middle of the season, but when push came to shove, they got bullied.

With the season on the line, and in control of their own destiny at home against a Browns team with nothing but pride to play for (and on a day where they were honoring the great Hogs) Washington completely soiled themselves in front of a half-packed stadium with a crowd booing Carson Wentz’s every snap and chanting Taylor Heinicke’s name!


Pin the blame on whoever you choose - however, it’s Ron Rivera the head coach and Ron Rivera the general manager who failed this team and its diehard fans. And shame on us for letting him fool us all...

Below are my Studs and Duds of the game followed by some notes.


Daron Payne - Payne recorded five tackles, two sacks and three pressures. He now has a career high 11.5 sacks on the season with one more game left to play. However, I have zero confidence this staff will extend him. I fully expect Star Lotulelei to be his replacement in the offseason.


Carson Wentz - What a horrific performance (if you can even call his appearance that) by the giant ginger. Everything that could have possibly gone wrong for him, did. From throwing to body language - he was a complete disaster. I BLAME RON!

Two things are very clear - 1.) The future at QB has not started a game yet for Washington. Arguing between Wentz and Heinicke is pointless 2.) I want no part of this staff selecting the next quarterback!


Kendall Fuller - Fuller was absolutely horrible in coverage this game. His “attempts” at tackling were just as bad. I blame Ron!

Efe Obada - Obada gave up (or simply had no awareness) on two would-be sacks during the game. It was an embarrassing effort by the veteran.

Wes Schweitzer - I counted at least seven low snaps throughout the game (not that they mattered anyways, as Wentz couldn’t do anything with a perfect snap), and he was responsible for a sack and multiple pressures. To his defense, he’s not a true center. I blame Ron!

Charles Leno - As usual, Leno looked poor in pass protection, allowing a team high four pressures and a sack. I blame Ron!

Commanders Coaching Staff - They often say a dog looks like his owner...and led by the head buffoon himself, this entire staff, yet again, was unprepared and outcoached. It’s a shame the great Joe Gibbs had to be in attendance to witness this debacle. It’s time to get rid of this entire group of misfits!


  • David Mayo is just awful. Alas, I can’t even blame him. He tries his ass off - he’s just not athletic enough. I blame Ron!
  • BRob runs hard, has great vision and never stops moving his legs... However, it was easy to tell he’s not near 100 percent.
  • I thought Chase Young has played very well in his two games returning from injury. He nearly had two sacks yesterday and he blew up two screens with his awareness.
  • It’s clear this defense deeply misses Kam Curl. Reaves tries his butt off, but he’s just not the same player.
  • Danny Johnson continues to flash in coverage.
  • Jamin Davis looks so much more comfortable - I’m just not seeing any game-changing plays from him.
  • Sam Howell needs to play the last game of the season.