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Sam’s Film Room: Should Sam Howell be the Washington Commanders starting QB in 2023?

Sam Howell film review!

Dallas Cowboys v Washington Commanders Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Coming out of the 2022 NFL Draft, Sam Howell was one of the trickiest quarterbacks that I scouted. He was a UNC player that flashed a big arm, he had incredibly high play-making ability, and he had a gamer mentality who always fought for extra yards. While it was easy to see the high-level traits, the reason why his film was so tricky was because it was marred by inconsistency. For how elite he looked in his game against South Carolina, the rest of his film was extremely hit-or-miss. It was really hard to get a true sense of which quarterback you were going to get if you drafted him. Now at the end of my scouting report, I posed the following question: Can Howell repeat that epic performance against South Carolina and recreate some of the huge throws that he made?

The funny thing is that against the Dallas Cowboys in Week 18, Howell did a lot of what I liked from that game and showed why I was willing to take him at the end of the second round. In this video, we’re going to break down that performance so we can talk about if he should be Washington’s starting quarterback going forward.

Scouting report video on Sam Howell out of UNC: