Mock Off-season 2023 part one, way too early

The first thing this regime must do is identify the needs, assuming we are running with Howell. If in fact we are, my QB would be Flac. Flac is no threat to anyone and has been there, done that. We will have Taylor as back up if he plays ball, (there is no part of me that would be mad if that man can secure a 10 mil contract elsewhere, none. Get your bag Taylor! Now I would be upset if WE did this. So going into needs for 2023, again Sam is QB 1 in this one:

  • OL, I mean guys, Chase can’t stay up, that hurt us bad. Norwell is ok, maybe we keep the guy. Idk, I think he is trash and spent. But in fairness, OL operate best when they operate out of familiarity. But we need a LT of the future, a G, and a C of the future in the very least.
  • LB, listen, this has been ignored. If we have cap, I go safe with Edmonds from Buf. If we don’t, well, we still need someone. I’m tagging and trading Payne in this edition because his hit is crazy. I would like to keep Payne to be completely honest
  • DB, ok, Juste goes down, first off, I’m resigning Danny and Reeves if I can. Second, we need help here. I am not opposed to selecting a S, but imo, we need depth at DB worse. I am keeping BOTH Fuller and Juste as is. They are solid.
  • TE, Logan is done. Some guys flashed this year, but can we rely? This one is a lower priority because of the talent showcased
  • Depth, self explanatory, DL is going to maybe need a guy, LB, DB, OL, RB, Big WR, TE, you name it, we can use it.
  • Owner/FO/Coaching staff, so many moving parts, I can say, I’m getting skeptical of a pending sale, etc.
So, having identified the basics the first steps are the off-season. This would start off with our cuts resigns. First thing, if I’m going to do a tag and trade, I’m going to pre shop and mark my targets. I’m not going to be greedy and risk Missing a trade. So I’m looking for a team with cap, that agrees with Payne, and has a need at DT. Payne is a stud so they should be happy. So here would be my moves:


  • Norwell, I kicked it around, he’s gotta go.
  • Thomas, good luck, but you aren’t helping
  • McCain, listen, I never liked him and this is my show. He’s just not that good.
  • Wentz, it’s time to let Wentz go back to writing his crappy memories and so called life story.
  • Charles
  • Kizz
  • Miline
My next step is to tag and trade Payne and restructure Jon. Now Jon this is not a slight, we just are trying to make this work. Chicago has cap, and a huge need. Payne will get his money, and his shot to work with the electric Fields. Yes it’s a shithole but I’m pitching this to Payne. Lol. Besides, they can get good….quick possibly. So my trade is:

3rd ‘23, 3 ‘24 with elevators to 2. Bears won’t likely want to part with their 2nd but by all means I’d do the second in a heart beat. This is just more possible to me.

Now to the resigns and cap space.

  • Cole Holcomb 3/21. A little high, probably. But I wanted this as realistic as possible. Cole has been playing on reduced salary and I’m sure he gonna want some decent money. This isn’t crazy, but it is decent. I like Cole. I like Cole at SAM, not at ILB. I thought Jamin/Cole was a solid duo, but we need a stud!
  • Taylor 2/8, yes a little low, but he’s not worth killing our cap. If he takes it great. He took it on fan speak. This guy is grit and grind. He just is a classic overachiever, he just doesn’t achieve enough. They touched on Vikings, 17 points. This is Taylor. 2/8 is fair.
  • Patterson, min, yeah I thought he played great and he’s worth a look this coming year.
  • Reeves, 3/7.5, this may not get it done but I hope it does. This guy is another classic hard worker who deserves what he gets. Good luck Reeves!
  • Wes 2/10, signing Wes to a five mil, two year deal may not work, but this is what I’ll try.
  • Larson, min, yeah he got hurt, but I’m bringing him in for a shot. He had his moments and he’s a back up. He may get cut though. This will be up front so he will know.
This will leave us with an extra high third, 31 in cap, and some clear needs heading into FA. I signed and traded guys, so I can go into FA with purpose. My purpose is one DB, one LB, one OL. We have obvious needs at all three places and I want draft to be open. I used fan speak manage the cap (I don’t have the fancy toys). Some
of these contracts may not happen, they may get rejected, in real life. I am more or less exploring:

  • LB, Titans FA LB, Long Jr. He’s no stud, but he’s solid, an upgrade over Mayo, Bostic. Add him see where he fits. 3/21.
  • Peterson, DB, old yes! But he’s depth. I low balled him and he took it, 2/10. Again, he comes in with opp to take the reins, but expectation is depth. He can teach Juste a lot too. Solid guy/player! Wish I had more to give.
  • Pocic, C, we need a guy who can play. He can play and he’s a bit low key. I offered him a 3/21. I know these aren’t imaginative offers but we have to be frugal and right. He is a solid guy who may not break the bank. He is brought in to compete for starting C. Chase better stay upright or I’m cutting him after the draft to sign rookies and still may. I kept him for now.
  • Ben Powers, G, another 3/21 and he took it. A solid interior OL and why not? He is solid and could come in and fill a need. Open comp. Matsko, you’re on the clock this year.
  • Jenkins, OL, Jenkins is a versatile piece. Better suited inside he can play T. He got the same 3/21. This left me with under the limit to sign rookies. We are going to need substantially more cap to sign the rookies because I intend to trade back at least once.
So at DB we now have Danny J, Juste, Christian, Fuller, Peterson prior to draft.
At G we have Pocic/Powers/Wes/Paul/Jenkins/ with Leno/Lucas/Cosmi prior to draft. I’m cutting someone after the draft. This will be decided after draft.

  • I trade back with Lions for their 59/18 for my 16/255. I then traded back with Cincy to 26/58 for my 18/215. With the 26th pick, I select Broderick Jones, T, GA. Ringo was off the board and I’m not sold on Paris yet. Jones is one of the better Ts available.
  • Devon Witherspoon, DB, I wanted Gonzalez but with Jones still on board, I grabbed him. I want insurance at DB, so I went with best DB available imo. There was a run on some guys. This won’t be a high PFF grade but Idc, who grades draft right after the draft? Pointless.
  • Luke Wypler, C, it’s official, Chase is getting cut. This at this point on BB is value, and a need imo. T of the F, check, C of the F, check, DB help, check.
  • Mike Morris, ED, yes, we need edge help.
  • Keondre Coburn, DT, we traded Payne, Ridgeway hurt, Mathis uncertain, yes, I did.
  • (Bears pick, what we got for Payne, so far) Campbell, LB. This guy isn’t your quick twitch high upside guy. He’s that big throw back at 6-5, 240ish, and has the lowest floor at LB. Add him with Cole, Hutch, Jamin, Long, we got ourselves some weapons.
  • Hooker, QB, idk if he is here at 98, but this is where I will take a swipe. He is QB3 until further notice. I didn’t not sign Flac as you can see.
  • Ky Blu Kelly, DB, big DB and now DB is shored up with young guys and vets.
  • Cedric Tillman, WR, 6-3, maybe our big WR.
  • Payton Wilson, LB. This guy needs work but could be a sleeper. I need 7,500,000 I believe to sign these rookies, but I could need more for these selections, I’ve read 750,000 for each rookie. Just add a zero, Matt taught me that.
Roster break down. We start out at QB. Sam H (QB 1), Taylor H (2), Hooker (3). I’m going to very clear. If Howell falters here, I’m throwing Hooker in. So Taylor is QB 2 but if it’s scorched earth, Howell gets the hook, it’s Hooker, and that’s it. Expectations for Howell, protect the ball, stay with in game plan, good mechanics and fundamentals, shows awareness growth, he will, at times be given the keys to see if he has recognition. Those down field passes looked good.

HB, Gibson, Robinson, the rest can fight it out in camp and PS. These days, mainly camp.

WR, Terry M, Josh D, Curtis S, a lot of opportunities after.

TE Bates, there is talent here. I would’ve liked to get something here, limited cap, and that draft didn’t fall right with my trade backs. This is just a concept type of piece anyway. Do what we can, to hope they think somewhat like this.

OT Leno, Jones (can change open comp), Cosmi, Lucas (open comp). Cosmi didn’t have good attitude at end of year comparing about being shuffled. Big boy pants!

IOL, this is a straight up free for all, may the best man win. I would have to make some room for rookies and would prefer to keep Chase in the fold. For now, let’s assume we found a way to keep Chase with possible reduction. We are going to have to work some magic because honestly, we will need reserve money. I suck at cap management lol. This is a solid group here imo. We need options and depth and we have both. Paul may not quite be ready, but we’ve got options and a young C.

To the other side of the ball, I feel like we’ve got a lot shored up.

DB, Fuller, Juste, Johnson, (yes this is open but for now) outside Peterson (2) either side, and we have an open camp for others to shore up slot with a solid option with our rookies in play with Christian as well. This could be a solid group.

LB, Cole, Jamin, Long, with rooks taking up the back and possibly being promoted. Everything is up for grabs but not with Ron. Nepotism.

DL, JA, he’s that guy, and whoever wins the spot next to him
should eat. Outside is obvious with Chase and Sweat with Rook and incumbents fighting it out. Is Toney ever going to get in there? Maybe LB idk.

S, now I kind of think this year, our S barring injuries should be a def strength. The rotation of Forrest, Cam, Reeves, and Butler should be a good one.

Now we need a K, but I didn’t think to cut him, and there’s some money there. We still have to nail one. Way is getting up there too, but he showed no signs of regression.

STs, I know this, we need better returners. Hopefully we have some in house.

In closing, if you really think about it, this won’t happen. The money is too thin and I tried too hard to plug almost every hole, but still missed. None of who I drafted is a guaranteed day one, but I do think some of those guys should be good. A lot of these guys will go much later, not come out, or much sooner. This is way too early and again, more of a concept. The concept is this, we need three additions at LB, more draft capital, a pipeline of youth on DL (insurance), DB (Fuller, Juste have issues at times or contracts expiring), and we need a revamped OL. This rarely works. But this was my best attempt. I tried to find guys who placed solid at each respective position. The FA DB Peterson may not be a fit. I didn’t know the draft would fall the way it did. I couldn’t pass on that C. I came away with no G but was fine because of Paul. Big WR, but no TE. That kind of bothered me too. All in all I have mixed feeling with this run. I know a lot of guys who write and frequent this section have the goods. So I look forward to their comments to learn more.