Jerry Jones doesn't believe that his friend Dan Snyder had him followed or has "dirt" on him


The report contended that Snyder has used private investigators to track other NFL owners and that Snyder, a longtime confidant of Jones, claimed to "have a file" on Jones. "First of all, I don’t believe it," Jones said. "The idea of being surveyed – I’d rather use that word than being followed, being tailed – that is not a new one in my life. And it began, really, when I first got to the Cowboys. I thought it was Tex (Schramm, former Cowboys president), but it wasn’t Tex. We had some disgruntled limited partners ... they were trying to find out if there were any gaping holes in how I got involved with the Cowboys, or my credentials financially, if I was a ‘Paper Tiger,’ or what was I? "The FBI came and also told me, ‘Jerry, you need to get a full-time person watching your airplane,’ " Jones added, reflecting on 1989 as he wove to his point on Snyder. " ‘We’ve had enough smoke around here about people being mad at you. You need to have your plane watched.’ "So, when I think about somebody looking at you, I’ve been molded ... I’ve gotten used to that. Just don’t walk in a place and sit over there and think somebody might not be taking a little picture of you. Or, if you’re in some other part of the country, somebody might say that you’re there, and distinguishing that between it actually being somebody on the hunt for Red October pursuing you, or just a fan doing social media. "I really haven’t felt like Dan would do that or go that far, relative to me, because we are friends. But by the same token, I know Dan is his own worst enemy, his very own worst enemy." Jones also makes a bottom-line point about Snyder, who has enlisted BofA Securities to explore the possibility of selling the Commanders against the backdrop of speculation that other NFL owners, as permitted by league bylaws, could vote to oust him: "I’ve seen nothing in terms of tangible evidence that would rise to the level of him being voted out," Jones said.