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Jeremy Reaves is the only Washington Commanders player voted to the AP All-Pro team

All-Pro Reavo!

Washington Commanders v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Jeremy Reaves incredible year continues. He started the season on the 53-man roster for the first time in his career. Reaves has toggled between the practice squad and main roster throughout his time in Washington. He has been a key piece on the Washington Commanders special teams unit, and a quality depth player at safety is always available to fill in when needed. Reaves was voted to the Pro Bowl as a first-teamer and got very emotional when Head Coach Ron Rivera gave him the news. Reaves lost his mother in November of the previous year, and he has been playing to make her proud.

Now Jeremy Reaves has a new accomplishment to add to the best season of his NFL career. He is the only Washington Commanders player who has been voted to the AP All-Pro team, and he is on the first team. He blew away the competition for the special teams player position. Reaves received 94 total votes, with 24 of them being first team votes. The next player at the position was San Francisco’s George Odum with 72 and 19.

First team All-Pro players are few and far between for Washington. The last player to get that honor was Brandon Scherff in 2020. Before that? Punter Matt Turk in 1999. Several other Commanders players were voted to the Pro Bowl this season, but none of them received enough votes to make the All-Pro team.

DT Jonathan Allen - 11 votes (3 first-team)

DT Daron Payne - 5

S Kam Curl - 2

P Tress Way - 11 (3)