Fearless 2022 predictions: The Commanders should employ their 3 decent QBs like MLB relief pitchers? Scotty are you listening.

Just about to motor up to Inglewood up to no good on Thursday September 8, 2022, from my domicile near the LBC Long Beach, Calif, to see opening night game between the Rams-Bills.

In April, I wondered if the Washington Redskins/Football Team/Commanders is a bum franchise like many other NFL franchises. Since Little Danny Boy Snyder took over from the great owner Jack Kent Cooke, the Washington franchise has been an EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTING franchise based on their heritage of winning, good weather location, and set up for success under the stewardship of HOF Coach Joe Gibbs and GM Bobby Beathard.

But no, the Washington franchise has really NEVER been a bum franchise even in the 2000s. Bum franchise don't rise up every 4-5 years or so to win divisional titles. The NFC LEast is woefully mediocre especially in the 2000s. However when Philly finally got their lone 1 title, the NFC East currently is the only division with each franchise holding Super Bowl titles.

My second favorite childhood team the Detroit Lions being born in Detroit are a bum franchise of the NFC. I can quote many stats about how they rarely win playoff games despite having HOFers Barry Sanders, Calvin Johnson, and maybe HOFer Matthew Stafford.

Washington actually for some reason dominated Detroit from the 1960s to the early 2000s winning like 18 straight games (including in the NFC title game in Washington's last SB run) from 1968-2000.

In 2009, my ride or die adult friend, who moved on from cystic fibrosis in the early 2010s, and I got to see a game together between the Redskins and Lions circa 2009. My best bud and I used to trash talk each other about our teams. In college football, he busted on my Virginia Tech squad while he bloviated about being both a Michigan Wolverine fan and Michigan State Spartans fan, which is very unusual kind of like being a Redskins-Cowgirls fan.

But that game on 2009 was a source of pride for him after the Lions beat the Redskins 19-14 with the help of Stafford and Johnson. Ironically though, Washington QB Jason Campbell played OK not horrible.

In reality, that last statement is probably the reason why the Redskins have not hoisted the Lombardi since 1991. At the QB position, they have been just OK, meh, not horrible. They really have only had 2 major QB drafted busts in Heath Shuler and Dwayne Haskins.

But after Mark Rypien led them to the Super Bowl, the QB play has been fairly good with late round talents like Gus Frerotte and Kirk Cousins. They have had horrible luck with high drafted QBs like Robert Griffin III. RGIII is really the closest thing they had to ever having a Hall of Fame QB since the 2000s. Too bad he got injured thanks to overuse in his first 2 seasons.

So as it stands on September 8, 2022, the Washington football team really has never had a true FRANCHISE QB.

But so what? They have 1 average to above average QB in Carson Wentz. They have an extremely above average relief backup spot starting QB in Taylor Heinicke. And they just drafted a late round talent Sam Howell who looks fairly like the potential somebody saw in Frerotte and Cousins.

So why just start and play 1 QB the whole time? Wentz's strength is obviously the long ball and buying team with his feet. Heinicke is kind of the opposite better in touch throws but also can buy time with his feet. At North Carolina, Howell has shown to be clutch with a cannon arm maybe close to Wentz.

So the current offensive coordinator should have a deep knowledge with winning with both Dallas and Washington. His daddy Norv Turner was probably one the greatest if not the best offensive coordinator in NFL history. And I do mean greatest not best. Greatest is a pure resume argument. Did you gather titles with your coaching or playing period. That is why Brady is the GOAT with 7 SB titles followed by Montana. Norv led the offense that got Dallas 3 SB titles in the early 1990s.

Then, Norv had a fairly mediocre run as a head coach but was not a gutterball like Steve Spurrier. So Norv then raised Scott Turner to be a good O-coordinator just like Mike Shanahan raised Kyle Shanahan.

The NFL and football in general has almost always been a 70-80 percent coaching dominated league. Basketball is like 70 percent players league. MLB is dominated by great general managers. An astronomically talented QB like Montana, Brady, Mahomes, or Aaron Rodgers can sometimes overcome mediocre coaching but not for long to win titles. Montana had Bill Walsh. Brady had the current best coach Belichick. Mahomes has great coach Reid. Rodgers? Never really had a great coach yet.

Allegedly, someone I knew put a futures bet on the over/under for Washington win total this season. When I was in Vegas a few weeks ago, it was teetering between 7.5 or 8.5. Just based on poor timing, the bet was stuck for over 8.5 wins. It will be close.

But just like their QB play, the Commanders will OK, good, not horrible, but probably not win a Super Bowl this season probably around 8 or 9 wins. And, the Eagles, who have really been the only good NFC East franchise in the 2000s, will again win the NFC LEast.

OK gotta get to Inglewood tonite Peace and Love.

Fearless predictions for 2022 NFL season

Preseason top 10 rankings
1. Buffalo
2. LA Rams
3. LA Chargers
4. Kansas City
5. Denver
6. Tampa Bay
7. San Francisco
8. Cincinnati
9. Green Bay
10. Baltimore

Top 5 highest preseason odds to win Super Bowl:
1. Buffalo
2. LA Rams
3. Kansas City
4. San Francisco
5. LA Chargers

Preseason MY PICKS:

NFC (* makes playoffs)
LEast - 1. Philadelphia * 2. Dallas *, Washington tie 4. N.Y. Giants
South - 1. Tampa Bay * 2. New Orleans, Carolina tie 4. Atlanta
North - 1. Green Bay * 2. Minnesota 3. Detroit 4. Chicago
West - 1. LA Rams * 2. Arizona * 3. San Francisco * 4. Seattle
NFC championship - San Francisco over LA Rams

East - 1. Buffalo * 2. New England * 3. Miami 4. N.Y. Jets
South - 1. Tennessee * 2. Indianapolis 3. Jacksonville 4. Houston
North - 1. Baltimore * 2. Cincinnati 3. Pittsburgh 4. The gutterball bum franchise in northern Ohio with serious employment law issues
West - 1. Kansas City * 2. LA Chargers * 3. LA Raiders * 4. Denver (will have more wins than most division winners)
AFC championship - LA Chargers over Kansas City

Super Bowl on February 12, 2023, at State Farm Stadium in Phoenix area