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“Help us, Bruce Allen, you’re our only hope!”

NFL: Washington Redskins at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Another day, another set of indignities for Washington Commanders’ fans. NFL investigations, Congressional investigations, sham team-led investigations, each of which just keeps unearthing the seemingly bottomless geological layers of pettiness, skeevyness, and loathsome incompetence that Dan Snyder has laid down in Ashburn over the past twenty plus years.

A number of very brave, former employees, from cheerleaders and production staff, to former COO David Pauken, have told their stories to investigators and to Congress:

Among those who have testified is former Redskins’ executive Brian LaFemina:

LaFemina Transcript:

I think probably the biggest one, and I mentioned this earlier, my conversations with Bruce Allen prior to going there. I think it became obvious to me soon upon arriving that Bruce wasn’t terribly happy with the team dynamic, and that there was tension, there was competitiveness, and that, you know, there were these sort of back channels to Dan where he would hear things, not from me directly, but would hear from others.

Throughout LaFemina’s testimony, it became clear that Bruce - and others close to Dan - resented the fact that outsiders being welcomed into the organization were seen as potentially “saving” it from Allen, Snyder, and the other sources of dysfunction. LaFemina actually asserted that was probably a significant piece of why he was let go so quickly.

And Allen was, by many accounts, a pretty terrible individual as well as General Manager/President. Heavens knows, I’ve been tough on Bruce:

When Bruce was fired from Tampa in 2009, along with Jon Gruden, there should have been doubts. A close examination of Bruce’s drafts with the Bucs doesn’t leave much to be impressed with. Gary Shelton, a columnist for the St. Petersburg Times, even gave an entirely familiar account of Bruce - who he referred to as “The Prince of Darkness” - as Allen was kicked out the door in Tampa: “That was Allen, too, who treated the truth as if he was afraid of going over the cap. He was smug, and he was distant, and he disliked reporters as much as many of them disliked him.”

But this morning, Bruce has the opportunity to redeem his image, and to salvage some bit of respect for the family name within the DMV:

There’s every reason to be believe that in his decade with the Redskins (from 2010-2019), where he served as one of Dan Snyder’s closest confidants, that he was exposed to many of the most sordid goings on within Ashburn. Heck, he may well have helped orchestrate some of them. But now, he has the chance to atone for those actions, and he may be the fanbase’s last, best, hope to force an ownership transition.

Please, Bruce, in the name of all that is decent and just, spill your guts and give Congress the ammunition it needs to finally end the Snyders’ reign of error in the nation’s capital. You’re our only hope.


If Bruce Allen’s testimony to Congress helped bring down Dan Snyder, would you support his induction into Washington’s Ring of Honor?

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