As Injuries Grow, Odds Shrink

Washington got off to a very rocky preseason really looking very vanilla. This is to be expected right? I hope, but if history under Rivera and Wentz’s lone season with the Jags is any indicator, coupled with multiple injuries across the entire roster, my mind screams, upset. There are several key factors for this game. As Ron and Doug scour the tape, this is my untrained eye version.

Match up: Jags EDGE Walker/Allen versus the OL. This unit looks very dangerous for the Jags and they shouodgives us some problems. Forcing a turnover on either side is always critical and these guys can get in there. Walker is the number one overall pick and has intangibles off the charts. We will follow this up marching up with the other big time rusher out of this draft in the following week. Walker/Hutchinson, they both look good thus far. Our OL has to give Wentz time and open up lanes. Gibson is sliding back into back one, with Kizz as a weapon hybrid role and a hopeful to maybe be the yardage guy. I’d try to avoid Gibson in the middle, the Jags of course will be expecting this so some misdirection and play action early should keep them honest. Scott, for the love of the football Gods, let’s see some creativity!!

Match up: Jags secondary/TerSamJosh trio. This swings heavily in our favor because while the Jags should have a solid front seven, their secondary is just as bad as ours. We can get some time (match up one), we can get some splash plays and field flippers. This will allow us to run the ball as it will prevent loaded boxes. This is how we can win this game imo. Passing the ball.

Match up: Jags new look O/our secondary. Guys, the Jags have some weapons. Robinson should be back a solid back with Travis E a hybrid weapon in mold of Gibson (let’s hope he fumbles). Lawrence a generational talent (they say), and a much more well refined coaching staff. Jones, (the great) Kirk, and Ingram are also in the mix. The Jags spent heavily on Kirk, he’s their splash guy I’d presume. Ingram is a joker type TE not sure how he blocks. I know he has dropped some passes. Jones is a solid possession WR who can make a play at times.

Match up: Strength/Strength Brandon/Allen/Payne. Not sure how they will line up. Both can play either gap and imo end. Brandon was a team member for years, they know each other. Step on his toe Jon, he will be out for eight weeks. I’m joking I don’t wish injury on the guy. But Brandon is an expensive good risk. The guys a regulatory in the trenches and will open holes. He’s also solid in pass protection. We need the push to come from the pocket. We have to take away as much of the easy quick throws as possible. Pushing the middle helps greatly in dividing the field in half and makes defending one side relatively easier.

Im going to say this game is going to be fought out and won in the trenches on both sides. Whoever can disrupt te other and force mistakes will win. Jags coming to us, I’m hoping this is our edge, but I would t be surprised if we lose this one by keeping our defense without depth out there too long and they won’t be able to hold up later in the game. An early fast start taking their defense out of its game plan will work wonders for a 1-0 start. I’ve got my fingers crossed. If I am forced to chose, I think we jump out to a 14-0 lead, they roar back, we get conservative and they win on a late FG. If we can get off to a fast start and keep our foot on the gas we hang on 24-20. Wentz should throw for over 300 yards and 3 TDs.