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Buying or selling the Cowboys defense?

Former Cowboys receiver Jesse Holley is convinced that the Cowboys defense is the best in the NFL for a few reasons

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Dallas Cowboys Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Cowboys' defense has gotten off to a great start three games into the season. The Cowboys won two straight and can make it three in a row against the Commanders this week.

Former Cowboys receiver Jesse Holley was a guest on the latest Hogs Haven Podcast. Holley covers Dallas for various media outlets; he went into buy-and-sell mode with the 2022 Cowboys. The Cowboys' defense is outstanding and, according to him, is probably the best in the NFL.

"I'm buying that we probably have the best defense in the National Football League," Holley stated on what he's buying from watching the Cowboys. "I'm definitely buying that we probably have the best defensive player in the National Football League. I'm buying Dan Quinn as a defensive coordinator and the defensive coordinator of the year so far. I'm buying Micah Parsons, every bit of stock; I don't care what the cost is; I am buying Micah Parsons."

According to Holley, Parsons is special; the defense goes as he goes. "Defensively, this is one of those games where you're almost licking your chops. This game is a pad-statting game if done correctly. The Cowboys lead the league right now in sacks; guess what team also leads the league in giving up sacks? The Washington Commanders."

I agree that Parsons is exceptional; Quinn has done an excellent job creating mismatches for his defense to exploit, and Holley has a case for the Cowboys' defense. For one, Dallas's defense has allowed the least amount of 20-plus yard plays this season with just six. Comparatively, the Commanders in that same explosive play category are 32nd with 19 20-plus yard plays allowed. So can Turner, Wentz, and the offensive line withstand the Cowboys' defense?

Check out the latest podcast episode where I preview the Commanders-Cowboys matchup, giving out three keys to a Commanders win. I also spoke with former Cowboys receiver Jesse Holley on the state of the rivalry over the past decade since he's been involved, the need-to-knows about this Cowboys team, and some insight on what made Tony Romo so good.