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Jack Del Rio wants more consistency; Scott Turner wants Terry McLaurin to know he’s not being overlooked

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Jack Del Rio

Defense vs the Eagles:

“I liked the first, third and fourth quarters. I thought we played some good football in spurts. We’re looking to have more consistency in what we’re doing, but there were some real bright spots in the game. A couple things we like to do better but the effort has been really strong, and I feel like we’re improving.”


Benjamin St-Juste:

“Yeah, he stood up. Benjamin did a good job late in the week. Will had some issues and wasn’t able to go, and Benjamin stepped up and did a nice job for us. So, yeah, we’re looking to play good football, you know, whatever we can do.”

Jonathan Allen/Daron Payne:

“I like the way the D-Line group was working as a whole. I think the leadership has been very strong, Jon and Daron. Both two really good football players. I like the way they’re approaching things.”

Kam Curl:

“Great to have Cam back. He’s has a kind of a calming influence on the group. I think. He’s so reliable and his communication is so strong. His understanding of what we’re doing is so strong, so great to have him back.”

Montez Sweat:

Jamin Davis rushing the passer:

“Well, he’s got a lot of speed, you know, so if you have a guy that can run, he can certainly track him and get him down. There were a couple examples of him doing just that in the game. So, want him to continue to grow and work hard and develop the way he is and, you know, make the plays when he has an opportunity.”

Cooper Rush:

“Yeah, there’s plenty of film. He’s doing a nice job directing the offense. He gets rid of the ball quickly. He’s led them late in two close games and been able to help them pull out a win. So, we’re going through the studying all the Cooper Rush tape we can and getting ourselves prepared.”

Cowboys offense:

Scott Turner

Offensive issues:

“One by one. You know what I mean? I think you look at obviously when you have a game like we had, I don’t think anybody’s happy. So, you attack it full, you know, head on, and you look at you, you’re honest with yourself, me personally. And then, everybody has to be honest with themselves and say, Hey, what are the issues? What led to us not being successful, having the issues we did and then you address each of them, you know what I mean? So, you don’t do it all at once, but one at a time and it starts upfront as far as the protection’s concerned. And it’s not all offensive line. I mean the quarterback has to get the ball out. I mean, obviously we got to block people. The quarterback’s got to get the ball, guys got to get open quickly so the ball can come out, you know? And I got to make sure I’m doing a great job of getting those guys in position to make plays.”

Addressing the problems:

“Just address kind of those things I’m talking about, You know what I mean? Making sure again, we’re more secure upfront, um, that we’re doing things where the ball can get out, and that we are getting the ball out and we’re getting open, you know, quickly, and in our routes. So there’s certain things schematically that we’re going to do and we’re going to look at to try to address those issues. But like I said, it’s everybody. You know, it’s a team. It’s a team game. And that is pass protection, everyone’s involved. Everyone’s got a hand in it.”

Eagles pass rush:

“Yeah, I think just doing stuff where the ball can get out more quickly. That’s kind of what we did a little bit more in the second half and that’s what you got to do, you know what I mean? When you’re getting that kind of pressure and they did a nice job of generating that, then you just got to do stuff with the ball or the ball gets out. You know what I mean? And you like to run the ball, that helps obviously. When you get in the second half of a game like that, it’s a little bit difficult to do that. But early on, that’s something that you can do that combats that.”

Antonio Gibson:

“I think Antonio, he’s been doing pretty well. I know that the yards per carry isn’t exactly what you have. He’s had a lot of carries that we been in the goal line situation or short yardage. And then there’s some that, you know, early in games where we got to get more out of. So we’re not, you know, running the ball and then we’re in a second and long situation. But, we can be, you know, we can run the ball more frequently. I think that helps and then we got to be more effective when we do it.”

Brian Robinson:

Terry McLaurin:

“We had some plays designed for him in the first half. And whether it was you know, them take taking away coverage or having some issues up front with protection. Obviously, he wasn’t able to get kind of what I talked about earlier with getting the ball out more quickly and plays where, you know, he’s getting the ball and you’re getting it out more quickly. There’s, there’s, in the passing game, unless it’s like a screen, there’s no guarantee ever that the guy you’re designing the play for is going to get the ball. But, there’s a lot of different things that way that we can do to get him the ball.”

“Just had a conversation about how, obviously how important he is to the offense. he tries to energize the group, and, you know, I just let him know it’s not lost on me that we didn’t get him the ball in the first half. That it’s not being overlooked, you know? And I think he already knew that, and I think he appreciated just having the conversation and he’s all in. I mean, all of our guys are all in, We, everybody was collectively disappointed with how we played. We felt like we were off to a pretty good start and then, you know, this came can be pretty humbling. And like I said, give credit to them, they did a nice job. But we feel like we can do better as a whole group. So, you know, I think everyone’s just all in, you know, ready to work and move forward and how can we bounce back and play better from this?

This may be simplistic, so sorry, but like, when you’re breaking down like ss or like looking at what happened, are you assigning like individual blame on a play to like, this one’s on wins, this one’s on choice? Like how does that process?”

Dallas Week:

Offensive line:

“We’re not thinking about making any changes on the lineup. I just wanna make that clear upfront. But just like any other position, I mean, we evaluate every week. I understand what you’re saying about like five guys playing together, but you know, if we feel like that there’s someone that’s gonna help us play better, then we’ll go ahead and make that change regardless of the position. I don’t think that makes much of an impact because everyone on the offense has gotta be playing together and in unison and have that type of relationship.”


“I don’t know. I think, we’ve had some sacks on some play action and then when you have multiple sacks on play action passes and you’ve only played three games, that’s gonna hurt your efficiency numbers in a smaller sample size. First things first, we gotta protect the quarterback. We gotta protect the ball, we gotta protect the quarterback. It starts with me. Then, the front and then also quarterback, getting the ball out. Everything I said it’s a big group, big thing. And if we do that better, whether it’s drop back or play action, we’ll have some success.”

Dallas’s DL:

“They’re an outstanding unit. They’re playing really well, going back to last year. They’ve really only improved the beginning of this season. They’re a little bit more multiple upfront than Philly. With Parsons, I guess he’s a linebacker, but he’s a defense alignment. I mean, he plays everywhere. Then obviously DeMarcus Lawrence and then the rest of the group, I mean, they all play extremely hard. They do a lot of stunts and twists and stuff up front that you gotta prepare for, where Philly, doesn’t. I mean, they still do that, but not at that frequency and they’ll move guys around a little bit, but not as much where you have to have the mental challenge of ID’ing that Dallas does.”

Starting C Nick Martin:

“Nick came in, he’s a pro. He’s played in this league, started a lot of games. He understands what’s at stake. He had a great job last week of studying and being ready to go in if we would’ve needed him in that game. He’s done well so far in practice. I mean you meet with them. Our offensive line coaches have done a great job of meeting with him. We walkthrough and practice and you just gotta be really focused in not try to learn everything, but just learn the game plan for this week. A lot of that is looking at Dallas’s defense and all that kind of stuff. Nick’s done a great job and like I said, he’s a pro and he’ll be ready to go.”

Practice Updates

Injured players

Ryan Kerrigan