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Ron Rivera Presser: “I’m not going to get up here and start calling players out. They know.”

Ron Rivera speaks to the media

9 sacks:

“It was a combination of things. I think Carson put it pretty succinct last night. It’s one of those things that we all share a little bit of the blame.”

Can Carson Wentz holding the ball too long be fixed?:

“Yeah, most certainly. I mean, there’s some things that he’s got to see and decide on quicker. I think also what happened too, was there were a couple times when he did speed himself up. He didn’t give the play an opportunity to develop a little bit more. So it’s a combination of things really.”

Making Carson Wentz part of the team:

“Well, I think really it’s just assimilating to him and him assimilating to what we do. I mean, we understand some of the things that he does, he does really well and, and we try to feature those things in our offense. It’s difficult to explain, but when you watch the tape and we see it, I mean, we know the things that have to be corrected. We know who to talk to. We know the players that we’ve gotta talk to and then us coaches talk about the things that we can do with protections to help a little bit more. Those are all things that we’re working on right now. I mean it’s not as if we didn’t look at the tape and we didn’t know that a three step beats, some pressure sometimes, or that you run a bubble screen to get it out on a zero blitz, stuff like that.

I mean, those are things that we know, those are things that we worked on, those are things that we tried at some point in the game. I think the thing that’s really difficult for me is that if I do make an issue of something and in all honesty, some of you will make it a bigger issue and that’s what I don’t need, because I’m trying to get our guys to understand what we’re trying to do and get them to understand that they have to play better. They know that, but just understanding what we’re trying to do is important and what I have to do also. I’m not gonna get out here and start calling players out. You know, I mean they know, they understand, they get it. They’ve heard from their coaches today. Shoot, I sat in most of those meetings. Went from one to the other and just listened and these are things that we’re working on to fix. It’s a young group of guys that are out there. There are some veteran guys that made some mistakes too. Young guys as well that have to learn and grow and that’s what we’re working to do here.”

How does the offense scheme against pressure?:

“Well, I think big part of it is we got to make sure that we are executing the things that we need to do, and we got to continue to try and make sure we’re putting him in the right position.”

Playing better:

“I’m optimistic. I’ve told you guys that yesterday I’m an optimistic person. But what has to happen is the guys that need to play better, got to play better. That’s the truth in the matter, because you go back and look at some of the things that happened. We had some opportunities in that game. Okay. Whether it was some of the things that happened, you know, up front with the offensive line, or it was some of the things that happened downfield or some of the things that happened at other positions. I mean, there’s some things that we have to fix and that’s the truth of the matter. We have to play better, you know, when we’re in opportunities and situations to make something happen, we got to do those things. We’ve looked at it. We’ve figured it out. We’ve addressed it. Now we got to go out and do it.”

Calling players out:

Offensive identity:

“No, I think we’re still working through it. I think some of the things that we’ve looked at in terms of, you know, we have a mixture of play makers, and we have to figure out the best way to use them. We can’t feel that our best three offensive players are our three wide receivers because if we go into that with that mindset, the tendency is gonna wanna throw the ball to get it in their hands. With what we can do with our ability to run the ball, we have to give that a shot as well. I know not having Brian Robinson out there right now is hampering us a little bit, but we still have some very capable runners, so we gotta look at that as an option as well. Then the same thing with the tight end position. We can’t forget those guys. I mean, if you look at how many times we were targeted there and I do talk about the thing that that’s distributing the ball. The Jacksonville game, there was a huge number of guys that touched it. You look at the second half of the Detroit game and we got to that combination and mixture guys. Yesterday, it took a while before we got there and I think understanding how to spread the ball we’re still trying to find, because we have so many play makers, but there’s only one ball and we’ve gotta find that combination. Whether it starts with running the ball. Whether it starts with throwing the ball early on. Throwing the shorter passes with the intermediate passes, you know, take a little bit of pressure off the quarterback and then every now and then throwing the deep one stuff. I mean, it’s a combination of things that we’re working through and we’re trying to find.”

Quicker to adjust:

“Well, sometimes when you don’t get an opportunity to go through that script, that’s a difficult thing because as you go through the script, that’s when you find out what to anticipate. I mean, again, we are very fortunate in Jacksonville. We were able to keep that going, sustained it on the first drive and you got an opportunity to see that. We didn’t have that success in Detroit. We started early and things started to happen in this first one but then we gave the pressures on the quarterback.”

Explosive plays: