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Wentz, Scott Turner, & OL highlights the loss to the Eagles

For as bad as JDR’s defense has performed to start the season, Turner and his offense are growing into just as big of a problem.

NFL: Carolina Panthers at Washington Commanders Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Eagles dominated the Commanders yesterday in their 24-8 win at FedEx Field, and a 16-point defeat did not reflect how bad Washington truly played. At least on one side of the football, particularly, yesterday's game shoulders most of the blame. For the second straight week, Scott Turner and his offense have been shut out in the first half. The Commanders have been outscored in the first half 46-0 over the last two weeks. The Eagles accumulated 322 yards in the first half, while Washington had just 50 yards. For as bad as JDR's defense has performed to start the season, Turner and his offense are growing into just as big of a problem.

A lack of first-half adjustments killed Washington last week against Detroit; this week, there was more of the same from the offense and a lack of game-flow awareness. At one point in time, while the game was still in reach, Antonio Gibson averaged 4.8 yards per carry on five carries. The Commanders showed semblances of life on the ground. However, Turner put the onus on his offensive line and Carson Wentz to create in the passing game. Turner's decision to drop Wentz back as often as he did, contributed to six first-half sacks for the Eagles' defensive line.

The offensive line and Carson Wentz accounted for nine sacks allowed Sunday. It is essential to acknowledge how poorly the unit and quarterback played. It is also important to note how Wentz could not elevate the offense altogether, which looked lifeless from a schematic and performance standpoint. However, with a 36-game sample size for Turner, the issues likely loom larger than the players. The same goes for Ron Rivera, who built everything in Washington - from their roster, coaches, and player personnel management - there is a 36-game sample size to shape a sharper opinion on everyone involved.

Rivera has now been in a position where he cannot lay the majority of the blame at his player's feet to deflect from the scheme because Scott Turner and his offense showed why the coaches that Ron hired could be just as problematic.