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Jack Del Rio Presser: "The last couple of weeks haven't gone exactly like we liked"

Washington’s coordinators speak to the media

Jack Del Rio

Jalen Hurts:

“He’s always been very competitive. I think he’s probably playing a little more polished at the position in terms of directing the offense and distributing the ball. They’ve done a great job surrounding him with playmakers and their offensive line is very talented and he’s a good football player. So that’s a good group.”

Playing better:

“Yeah, I think we’re growing, developing. The last couple of weeks haven’t gone exactly like we’d like there are some really good moments in each of the ball games and I think there’s some things that we’ll certainly learn from and do a lot better going forward. So, I like the group. The group is working really hard. I think we’ve had a good time kind of putting it all together. I expect us to play better football. From things that haven’t gone well, you kind of teach, correct and move on. We are preparing for a very good team and we’re looking forward to having them come into our place. Looking forward to playing really good football.”

Build on the positive:

A.J. Brown:

“He does add to the offense. He’s a big, strong, talented, wide receiver. Really a good football player. It’s another weapon. I think their tight end’s really good. I think their back’s really good. I think they have a really big, strong, talented, offensive line. It’s a good football team. We’re looking forward to the challenge.”

What went wrong:

Benjamin St-Juste:

“Yeah, we like Kendall outside. Juice has been pretty solid inside. There are things that we’ll continue to do better as he gains experience from playing in the position.”

William Jackson:

“I think he’s done okay. I don’t really want to sit and evaluate our players each week. I’m going to start nipping that a little bit. I mean our job is to prepare for the next opponent. We can talk a little bit, generally about things like that. I think overall, I think our group is playing well. I think Will’s playing well. I think we’re going to play better as we go. So that’s where we are.”

Player evaluations in the media:

Scott Turner


“Well, a lot of different things. It helps the quarterback kind of uncover what the defense is in. It creates uncertainty with the defense, you know, it changes not all the time, but based on their calls, it can change their run fits. They can have coverage adjustments because you’re going from one by a three by one, a two by two or a two by two or a three by one. So just anything we try to do to try to make the defense play a little slower than they normally do.”

Curtis Samuel:

“Curtis can do a lot of different things as you guys have seen. And just having him out there. He also brings energy too, so not just a schematic deal, but just having another, and just another guy that’s going to go out there and make a bunch of plays. So very excited to have him back. I mean, you can see he’s been getting the ball you know, quite a bit and some of that’s by design and some of that’s just kind of how it’s ended up how the plays ended up in the progression. But Curtis is a very good player, very smart player. I’ve said that to you before. And it’s a big help to us to have him back.”

Jahan Dotson:

“Really good. Really good balance, body control, enables him to get in and out of things. I think, you know, he is a young player so, has to learn to always play fast all the time. But you know the thing that, the best way I would describe him is that he is always under control. And I think that’s why you have seen him make those adjustments that he’s made with catching ball. Obviously, he has great hands, but because he plays with such a good control, he can make adjustments. When you’re flying it’s harder to do those types of things, but he’s got balance and quickness and he’s definitely a very good route runner and he is only going to get better. You know, he has only played two games.”

Wes Schweitzer replacing Chase Roullier at center:

“For Chase, I heard Carson talking about it. Chase is such a good guy, worked so hard to come back from the injury from last year. So, you know, that part of it’s very hard. The one thing as far as just making that switch back to Wes is because Chase, you know, was kind of slow to come back. Carson had a lot of work with Wes and they’ve had a lot of communication. Wes has played center for us before. So it should be a smooth transition. I’m glad Wes is now healthy again but you know that we’ve had some experience, so it’s not like a brand new guy coming in. So that should help us in that transition.”

Wes Schweitzer learning center:

“Just in his past he’s been more of a guard center, like a play guard, be a backup center, you know, out of necessity. He had to play center for us last year and played very well. He’s really a strong physical guy. So, you know, being there in front of the quarterback is a strength and I mean, Chase is the same way. But I think we’ve seen some smaller centers before where it’s hard to hold that point of attack when you get a big nose where Wes is, you know, solid in there and can really hold the pocket.”

Nick Martin:

“You know, we’ll see. I mean, we just got him here. Today was his second practice with us. He’s gotta get up to speed and learn the offense. We’re excited to get him. He’s someone that’s kind of been on our radar for a little bit. And so just to get him in the building, we’ll see where exactly he’s gonna fit as far as a contributor. I would think at least he’ll be ready if it’s not this game, coming up soon as a backup and then we’ll go from there. But we’re excited about Wes being in there. And also not excited because Chase is out. But we feel great about Wes. We think that we’ll be able to do everything that we need to do on offense with him playing center.”

Position they prefer Schweitzer at?:

“Obviously the way we started season, you’d love Chase [Roullier] to be in at center and then Wes would be at guard and that’s how we started. And then Wes got banged up and [G] Trai [Turner] went in. But you know, he can play both and that’s what’s good about a lot of our guys is they can play a lot of different spots and you need guys to be able to have some position flex like that. We talk about it all the time with our skill players, but the line it’s important as well.”

Carson Wentz:

“You know, Carson’s always really locked in. It’s been business as usual. I heard where he said, he’s not trying to make it more than it is and that’s really how I see it. I mean, he’s approaching this as you would approach any other team, obviously we know that’s not the case. I mean, you know, everyone is a human being. I’ve coached at different teams in this league, and I know how I feel when I get ready to go against some of the teams that I’ve coached for before. I can only imagine it’s exemplified when you’re a player. So, I know there’s gonna be some of that, but he’s done a great job of just focusing on the task at hand and that’s getting ready for us to go play well, move the ball and score points.”

Logan Thomas:

“Yeah, I don’t know if I can put a percentage on it. I don’t think he’s all the way back, but it’s close. You know, he plays with so much heart and toughness that he’s able to push through some of those things. He’s played more snaps maybe than we anticipated he was gonna be able to go into those first couple games, but he’s been doing great and we do a great job with our training staff and our strength staff of monitoring his reps, making sure we’re not giving him or we’re giving him what he needs during the week. Sometimes that’s a little bit of rest. Sometimes it’s giving him more work so he can push through and then recover and then be ready to go on Sunday. Those guys do a great job of that. We’re constant communication and Logan does a great job of expressing how he’s feeling. I think it’s only gonna be a matter of time before he’s back to full force, but I think he’s been playing pretty well where he is at.”

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Jack Del Rio:

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