Key Defensive match ups Eagles

Take command! Isn’t that the new slogan. Ron says that he is the commander. Perhaps this team was named after him. Captain Ron, a 26% rating by rotten tomatoes sums it up. But seeing how the roster is built, the games are called, I can believe Ron has an eye patch. I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing his movie. But it’s clear, this ship, is headed directly into a storm. Let’s hope Captain Ron’s tales of his demise, were greatly exaggerated.

First and foremost, our secondary is not living up to its bill. Accounting for over 13% of salary cap according to over the cap (and my questionable math, Bill? A little hand). Fuller has regressed and Jackson well, it’s tough to say if he has ever been worse since his arrival. McCain, what happened to the improvement? Now we do have two guys who are bright spots; Forrest and Juste have looked solid. Our secondary is matched up with a very good one two combo. Smith/Brown, coupled with Dallas, a solid OL, a mobile QB, and a tool box RB. Philly looks good, not only running, but passing. This is not a favorable match up. Cam is back. So there is that.

Linebacker/BN are taking some heat. Jamin posted a rather accusing post that was liked by none other than McCain. JDR has called Jamin out, it never good to throw stones from glass houses Jack. Those stones were soon deleted however. Well, their roles are also critical. This is a Philly team that can beat you any way it would seem, and it also appears they have a good defense. Hurts is going to test those eyes. Eye discipline of the LBs/S are critical. This is another unfavorable match up.

Fill those lanes/hood containment. Ron once said guys were playing selfishly. Not staying in their gaps chasing the big play. Well, this is what’s needed in this one. Payne/Allen/Sweat need to not only clog those lanes, they need to hold contain. This has never been a favorable match up for us. Jack has his work cut out for him.