The Perfect Storm

Danny swindles into buying the complete team. He fires established FO and brings in his own yes man. He ignores the obvious routes that successful franchises have done to achieve their goals, and tries to do it his way. Decades later, the definition of insanity.

Ron Rivera, it was my decision, and my decision alone. How many times has Ron reminded the press, he is in charge. It would take some research, but it’s been quite a few. But if one takes a peek back into history, this is always the narrative. Danny is a marketer. He used to be good at it. By now, he’s lost all credibility. Therein lies the problem. Would you work for a clown he just honks his nose and can’t help but trip over himself, but in the process, dragging you down with him? I mean hey, if it’s life changing money, me personally, sure why not? But that’s why I came to Washington, not to win, but for the money.

Ron keeps going to his Carolina well, well, because he may very well have to. Danny has become a pariah. No one wants to come here because the risk is too great. Washington has chewed up and spit out coaches, hurting their standing. Steve Spurrier, Gibbs, Turner, Marty, Mike, we’ve hired top coordinators, but the fact remains, the risks outweigh the rewards. The same is true for players. Collins came here donned like he was the late GREAT Taylor. Nah man, take a seat, and still sitting. Why? Because he can’t accept he won’t get the money he feels he deserves. This is a risky game on both sides, so why risk coming here? Bad reputation, bad owner, bad FO, bad coach, if I were rebranding this team, as is, Washington, The Perfect Storm. Because as long as that huge stationary front sits over Washington, it’s going to rain, and the floods will wash every bit of hope away.