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Ron Rivera Presser: We got beat in every phase of the game in the 1st half

Ron Rivera speaks to the media after today’s loss to the Lions

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Washington Commanders Head Coach said the team didn’t play very well(understatement) in the 1st half, and they got beaten in every phase of the game by the Detroit Lions. Washington went into the 2nd half down 22-0, and tried to come back, but continue to allow big plays from the Lions offense.

Ron Rivera

1st half:

Run defense:

Defensive line injuries:

Put players in better position to succeed:


Jamin Davis:

Long season:

Not concerned:

Blame us all:

2 point conversion:

Chase Roullier injury:

Carson Wentz

Ugly 1st Half:

Proud of team’s response in the 2nd Half:

1st Half vs 2nd Half:

Opening drive of the 2nd half:

High pass to Logan Thomas:

Aggressive playcalling:

Playing the Eagles next week:

Terry McLaurin

Underwhelming 1st Half:

Logan Thomas

Best offense I’ve been a part of:


Antonio Gibson

Didn’t come out to play in the 1st Half:

Charles Leno


Darrick Forrest


2nd Half adjustments:

Bobby McCain

Big plays:

“Big plays really hurt us today,” safety Bobby McCain said. “Big plays lead to points.”


“I definitely feel like that’s still the case,” McCain said. “We have great continuity. We communicate very well. There’s nothing that’s changed on that aspect. We just got to be better on the little things, be more detailed in practice and understand (that) everybody’s got to do their job and we’ll get it done.”

Benjamin St-Juste

Busted coverage:

“This was a play that we added in this week, and we knew if we got it, we would hit big,” St. Brown said. “(Running back) Craig (Reynolds) had a great fake. As I got it, I mean, no one even knew I had the ball. I don’t even think the safety that was looking at me knew I had the ball, and all hear from the defense is, ‘Oh, s—.’ And I knew. I knew at that point it was gonna be a big play.”

Daron Payne

Defensive line injuries:

“Sometimes you got to pick up the slack,” defensive tackle Daron Payne said. “Sometimes you have guys ready to roll, sometimes you don’t. We will assess it next week and maybe get some new guys (or) get some more guys back.”

William Jackson III

Busted coverage:

“I can’t recall what really happened,” Jackson said on the busted coverage with St-Juste on St. Brown. “We’ve seen it from two different lenses, so we did not go in and communicate and fix it for next week.”