King of the Jungle? Who is in Command?

Week two, Lions versus Commanders, who has the edge? Vegas seems to be leaning slightly towards the home team, probably just for that reason. Injuries have piled up on both sides and in critical areas that both teams can exploit. The Lons OL is weakened right into the teeth of our defense, while our LBs are banged up, along with a dismal performance by our secondary, and Cam still questionable. Fuller got abused, Jackson still looked shaky, McCain looked like Able, and Juste didn’t suffer a concussion (that’s a miracle). I disagree with this season’s approach. We are on really shaky ground. This is a very winnable game, but, we’ve been set up to fail. Probably our weakest position is very weakened atm. I am very concerned with our secondary, but with both of our starting LBs, with no proven depth, are on the injury report, at the same time, I fear not only for this game, but every game forward. Our hope is to out scheme not to outplay, EXCEPT, their OL is banged up, and we have a little more Payne to offer. This guy, he made me think, damn, maybe we should sign this guy. Allen and Payne are an absolute nightmare. Period. They are this defenses co MVPs. We also have a six headed demon of an offense that is Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Carson made two very ugly plays and then shook them off, following up with a dime and nickel. The other five cents goes to Dotson on the last one, OUTSTANDING body work to secure the catch. Gibson was used the way he should’ve been used which make Kizz very expendable. Buffalo, what you got? Kizz is also a weapon though and he can be used. When Robinson gets back, this offense is going to be very good imo. Samuel, way to say, silence! Brown, 3 snaps, ouch. This game, I’m looking at a guy, Turner. He’s exciting to me because he’s a big guy with a bit more wheels than Thomas. Anything can happen, but we are starting in the red due to the injury report.


I would say imo, this Detroit team is very similar to the team we just faced. A run heavy plus team. The first factor for our defense to win is to take away the run. We may not be able to do this, but if we can, we more than likely win. Detroit is a top rushing team. Philly is a top rushing team. Measuring stick, meet real life. We have to stop the teams ability to run the ball. Locked in: take away the run.

Hands up!!!! Is it a robbery? An arrest? No!!! It’s batted passes at the LOS. Did anyone mention this trend? I haven’t been following much because I’m busy. The offense line is mangled for Detroit and we have a good DL, but we need to help with the passing lanes. Jared Goff is a game manger, he isn’t good off script. Get in his passing lanes, disrupting the offense can help alleviate our secondary woes. Allen and Payne are a terror in the middle and single handedly got us out of bind after bind. Game balls? We got four of them there! Locked in: get those hands up.

Third down, both sides. Get off the field, save those shallow legs, extend the drive, save those shallow legs. We are paper thin on the DL, LB is very unsettling, S has some promises but they are hollow until proven, we are thin on defense. Save the breath. Dan is a hard nosed guy and he will push. We got to push him back, hard!!!! Locked in: third down.

Fast start! Last week, we got off to a hot start that helped us overcome our downs. This is still a fresh team and a hot start would work wonders to securing a victory.

Ball security: Nuff said! I don’t think we can go to Detroit, turn the ball over three times, and win.

Match ups:

The trenches: Detroit’s DL versus our OL and our OL versus Detroit’s DL. Critical just like last week imo. Those trenches got us off the field and helped extend drives. Detroit took Sewell, he has arrived. Don’t Sweat it! This match up is very crucial in stopping the run. Hutchinson was the counter piece added this year. Philly has super mobile QB Hurts, and he lived up to his name in regards to the Detroit defense. Hurts mobility kept Lions off balance, they are likely to be relieved to be facing a less mobile QB. They will be motivated. Carson was sacked once last week I believe, the OL was solid but n pretty much all aspects. There’s always flaws, but when these men pour a glass of water, it remains water when they drink it, so it’s to be expected. The Lions OL really helped surge the second half comeback. Philly doesn’t have a terrible DL either. Detroit is legit on the offensive side and so are we. Or not? A more clear picture will be painted this game. Controlling the trench almost always leads to victory. I would really like to head into Philly at 2-0.

Secondary versus skill positions: We likely have an edge here, but Detroit has a trio of solid WRs, Brown being the guy I think is the star of the group. Chark is 6-4, fast, doesn’t have secure hands all the time but talent is there. Hockenson, a solid TE, and the X factor Swift who is absolutely dynamic. He is better than Gibson but exactly what Gibson can be. Ron went to the air 44 times to 28 rushes. We are definitely targeting weaknesses. Detroit, like Jags, have a solid front, so I suspect we go at them, and guess what, if we follow protocol, they will come right back at us. In a staring contest, who blinks?

Wentz versus himself: It’s pretty evident Wentz has every toll to make it in the NFL. He can throw the ball, he doesn’t get overwhelmed, he has a short memory, he has confidence, and he is a gamer. We could’ve kicked the FG, but he fired. He fired back twice, and he hit his target. He has to control that confidence. He fired into double coverages and he’s smart enough to know late is a dead zone. He thought he could cannon it there. Wentz, you have the tools, do you have the mind to utilize these tools? (Tum Tum Tums)

Prediction: This is an a very similar game to last week. A run heavy team with plus weapons and a game manger. Wentz showed he is more than that. They both have flaws that can turn the game. This should be a high scoring game. If our defense is as banged us as it looks, I don’t see us getting this one. Without certain components, how can we get off the field? Wentz, Gibs, this offense is exciting, but it’s mistake prone. On the road, crowd noise, new CPU getting familiar with his guys, there will be bumps. If we can’t field a complete defense, I expect them to exploit this over and over again. High score, and we could be very well overwhelmed in this game if we can’t keep the offense on long sustained drives. What worked against the Jags were quick hitters. This is a game we will vastly miss the power run aspect. Detroit wins this game 30-24 if we can’t keep the offense on the field. Also schemes and on the fly adjustments will be critical on both sidelines. Washington can only win this game with a dominant interior presence. A tipped INT, a fumble recovery, and gaining a large lead early. If they can’t do this, we will likely fall late mainly due to gassed defense. Wentz will look solid again.